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Garmin RV 890 with an 8" screen

Hadn't noticed this before, not sure when it was introduced. But, AFAIK, this is the only Garmin automotive device with an 8-inch screen. Nice to see that it works in both landscape and portrait mode, unlike their other large-screen automotive units.




  • Picked one up yesterday. I think Garmin announced their release in June. Beautiful screen. Trying to sort out some things with it though - might just be operator error. I plan on calling Garmin tomorrow.
    1. Can only get one of five listed American English voices to work (Zoe). Already tried reinstalling languages, and updated the maps and firmware - no change.
    2. Voice commands setup is very different from previous Garmins I had. Not as many command options, and no screen list of commands. For example, you can't bring up traffic or weather with the voice command. But the system is more forgiving in some respects with how you word your request to find something. It will take a little getting used to.
    3. The GPS will not respond to commands on screen brightness as discussed on page 15 of the owners manual. It only replies "I don't know that one." The Garmin support center article on RV 890 Voice Commands lists "OK Garmin, change the brightness to 5" as "Not compatible with all devices". I don't know why not - shouldn't all of the same model devices with the same version software be expected to do the same thing?
    4. The ball socket on the mount is noticeably larger than the usual 17mm so using an old dashboard friction mount or many aftermarket products may not be an option. The screen is probably too big to mount up on the windshield in a car (won't always be driving an RV) so I'll get a dashboard setup.
    Did I mention the beautiful screen? It's definitely easy on old eyes.
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