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"How smartphones are slowly killing GPS"

Not a bad report, covers Garmin's history and their current position in the market. Automotive devices are no longer a major market segment for Garmin, but they are trying to have a stronger presence in built-in systems. They state that Magellan is still a Garmin competitor for handheld/outdoor GPS, which I don't believe is true anymore. AFAIK, Magellan exited that business quite awhile ago... didn't they?


  • privet01 230 Points
    I have no clue, but I suspect that the built-in gps and map display in my wife's car is a Magellan product. I've not noticed that Garmin has grabbed any of that type market. So if Magellan is getting revenue from that line, it could be significant. I also suspect Magellan has been marketing more to fleet type operations. Garmin, I've only known to go direct to the end-user.

    Though you'd think using android auto or the iPhone equivalent to connect your phones GPS to the car's display would be the thing to do, I actually like the cars built in GPS interface better. Of course map updates are an issue they need to figure out. Google's being free, Garmin's free for those that spend a tad more for lifetime maps. You'd think a 50, 0000 dollar car would have some room in the price for lifetime updates.
  • gatorguy 328 Points
    edited October 2020
    Garmin was involved with Dodge but I don't know if they are still.

    Edit: Yes they are. See UConnect.

    On a sidenote the highly anticipated 2021 GMC Hummer (what a cool vehicle but geesh the price!) will heavily integrate Google maps and services, including using Android for the operating system.
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