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Not sure what to buy for basic precise coordinate information.

I am not interested in hiking, maps, altitute, barometer. I want to follow a straight line (my property lines). The cell phone GPS is worthless for this, especially as the land is wooded (rural area), and I get 1 or 2 bars on the phone. Perhaps the newer phones coming out, with dual GNSS chip and the ability to get both the L1 and L5 frequencys (see GPSTest app in case this is new to you), along with 5G, will be better.

From my survey map, I get the degrees, minutes, and seconds, and have calculated the degree (Ex s14,55'34"W =
194.926111111111). Obviously, hand held compasses cannot detect that kind of accuracy, so I rounded that to 195 (reverse is 15), but I cannot get that to line up with what I know should be the end point of the line. I put a line of stakes 50 feet apart on the line, and I can see then lined up backwards and forwards but they do not line up with where it should end. Big trees (where I cannot look back to see the lineup), throw my line off even more.

So, I am looking for more accuracy. Aside from very expensive survey equipment, can a hand held device (Garmin\whatever), give me the kind of accuracy that I am looking for, in particular, give me at least 2 decimal points

I had written an Android app to calculate distance between two points, but again the GPs information is worthless. I understand that some devices can use bluetooth to broadcast so that a phone could pick up the information?

Thanks in advance.


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