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Download detailed gpx from Garmin Drive

I noticed this query on the osm help site
And As I am considering getting a new Garmin Drive, I would like to download a gpx track that has all the points too, especially when driving offroad or in remote locations where the tracks are not mapped.
Is it possible to download a proper gpx of your trip similar to what an Etrex provides?


  • sussamb 947 Points
    Looking at archived tracks on my DriveSmart 50 the track is way more than a few points. I'll try later to transfer it to a OSM map and see what happens.
  • nevw 88 Points
    Thanks, I expect a true gpx track not to be corrected to follow a mapped way but be as recorded.
  • sussamb 947 Points
    Just looked at the tracks in BaseCamp and they are detailed tracks that can be used with OSM maps, tried them on a couple I use. So unless something has changed I think that post you linked to is wrong, but to be sure it needs someone with that specific model to check.
  • nevw 88 Points
    Thanks sussamb.
    Your quick response is much appreciated.
  • Boyd 2033 Points
    We have discussed this before and if you are using the City Navigator map, the track will match the roads due to "road snap". Garmin automotive devices are designed to "snap" your position to the nearest road on the map. My home is back in the woods down an 800-foot driveway and I observe this phenomenon everytime I come home. The vehicle position "freezes" on the road when I go down my driveway until I get about 500 feet from the road, then it suddenly snaps to the real location. You should be able to avoid that by using a non-routable map, such a topo from a third party.

    Now if you are driving off the mapped roads, then obviously road-snap won't be a problem. However, you don't have all the settings for track recording method on an automotive device and track recording is probably similar to the automatic mode on an eTrex.

    Have not looked at this for a long time, but most Garmin devices used to have an "advanced track recording" feature as part of the hidden developer menu which could be used to record much more accurate tracks. See this:

    This might also be of interest
  • nevw 88 Points
    Thanks Boyd. I agree, a non routable map should work.
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