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Entering multiple cities

I want to enter a string of cities into my Nuvi 2589. JUST the city names. No addresses. Is thee a way I can just enter a string of 30 city names on my computer and then send it to the Nuvi. I tried Base Camp but it is really clunky and doesn't let me go past a departure and a destination. I just need to stock it up with city names. Any way to do that?


  • OldGeezer 60 Points
    edited November 2020
    Two ways to do this that I can think of where you end up with the data saved in your Nuvi.


    In Garmin Express go to File>New> select List Folder, then rename the new folder that appears in the Library window (upper left of screen).
    Click on the new folder and it will display its contents in the window below the library (lower left of screen).
    In the upper right of the screen there is a search window. Enter the city name, and state (you can use 2 character postal code). When you click the magnifying glass icon a new window will be displayed listing Points of Interest (POI). Select the POI with the corresponding city name. The map will zoom in at that location and display a small window with 4 icons. Click on the Red Flag icon. This will save the location in your selected folder as a waypoint, and will be displayed in the window in the lower left of the screen.
    Continue to search and save waypoints for each city.
    When you are through building the list of cities, plug in your Nuvi. In Garmin Express send the folder's contents to the Nuvi by going to Device>Send to Device> and click on Send (use the folder name).
    The information will be saved in the Nuvi as Saved Places or Favorites. Also, unless you take additional steps to remove it from Garmin Express, the information will still be on your computer in case you want to add to the list later on. This will also make it easy to put the same information on another Garmin GPS.


    Search for each city in the Nuvi, select and save. With some GPS models the Where To search page has the option under Categories to search for cities.

    An additional point - you can assign and edit categories to each saved location using either Garmin Express or the Nuvi.
  • sussamb 956 Points
    I suspect you mean Garmin BaseCamp rather than Garmin Express. Note in searching for POIs in BaseCamp you can select Cities as the POI category to search. This should make in easy to list the cities you want.
  • Garmin Express does not have those options (File, Send To, etc). I could do that in Base Camp but Base camp wants me to enter specific addresses and I just want to have the cities in. I went to the Garman itself and entered each city and saved them to a list. My issue is that I only know the city name and not the specific address of the destination. It's a bit of story I won't get into here but that's the gist of it. Thanks for your help. You showed me where to enter them in manually.
  • sussamb 956 Points
    BaseCamp doesn't need you to enter addresses. You can search for cities, just do a POI search and Cities is one of the sub categories. Select that, enter the city name and you'll only get cities with that name.
  • OldGeezer 60 Points
    edited November 2020
    My mistake, it is BaseCamp. Maybe I shouldn't do this late at night.
    sussamb is right, going to File and Find Points of Interest is another way to start the search. And no, you don't need to enter addresses.
  • I went in and added them manually. Once I got the rhythm of the steps it went quick. I plan to travel this winter to places that are listed on a subscription site to park RVs and trailers. They are listed with generic info on the site and when you confirm a stay you get more specifics, so I needed to just put in the city names, and now I have that done.
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