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Bluetooth GPS receiver for GNSS antenna

I am fitting a GNSS antenna to my van, and am looking for a bluetooth GPS receiver to which I can connect it. I'd use bluetooth to distribute the GPS location to Android devices running navigation software.

If need be, I could attach SMA sockets to a suitable receiver.

Can anyone suggest a suitable unit with a good performance and ideally not too expensive.



  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited December 2020
    I've had a Garmin GLO bluetooth receiver for a number of years and have been happy with it. It can connect to multiple devices at the same time with Bluetooth but there is no antenna socket. Sorry, not familiar with any products that meet your description and I'd be surprised if anyone else here is. This site is focussed primarily on dedicated Garmin automotive GPS units, with some discussion of Garmin handheld devices. And, unfortunately, it's a pretty sleepy place these days, since smartphones are gradually replacing dedicated devices.
  • Thanks.

    I'm looking to match the reception of a dedicated receiver to high-quality mapping independent of hardware.
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