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New-to-me Acura RDX with factory GPS - how to start right?

I bought a used 2018 Acura RDX with my first factory GPS and wonder how to best start using it, like:

- blow prior owner's data?
- update map for $$$?
-other considerations?

I am thinking about spending some time manually adding favorites from a traditional stand-alone unit, unless there is another way?


  • privet01 231 Points
    - blow prior owner's data? In general, I would. Though I'm not certain what data you are asking about. I'm imagining routes and/or POI's, destinations, etc.

    - update map for $$$? Depends on how important and reliant you are on the GPS for navigation. Also, are you experiencing any map issues from interchanges that have been changed up or roads that now are relocated? I had a new road built in my area since my cars in-dash gps was last updated. I get a kick out of letting it think I'm driving through trees and ponds several times a week when on a one and a half mile stretch of new road. My car with the in-dash system is now 3 years old. I do like it's interface and map presentation better than my phones google maps with android auto. I suppose I'll eventually update it. But then again, I've got a 20 year old paper road atlas I still use too.

    -other considerations? For times you have to have a high level of correctness to your navigation information, you can probably use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to connect your smartphone to your in-dash system. Then you can use maps, poi's and other information that is almost always more correct and updated than a device that relies on periodic updates.

    Make sure your GPS doesn't become a plaything while driving. Eyes belong on the road.

  • betthe 11 Points
    A word of caution

    Do NOT use your actual address for any routes or waypoints where you start or end at your home.
    If someone should steal your car, they could use the GPS to find your home, push that little button on your sun visor, open the garage door....
    I use the local police station for my home. LOL
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