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North America NT 2021.30 Map

The new map update, North America NT 2021.30, was released today.


  • kierowca21 0 Points
    edited March 5
    I live at my new address for a year and a half. This map downloaded on March 1st 2021 DOES NOT INCLUDE MY ADDRESS (Sparta NJ) I have problems with deliveries because most of GPS including Garmin do not work !!!. This is 2 year old community , how much longer until my address is included???

    [Note: actual address removed by moderator]
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    I think it's a bad idea to put your actual address into a post here (or anywhere, for that matter). If you like, I will edit it out for you (I'm a moderator).

    I live in NJ and my house was built in 1994. All the maps still have it wrong,it's a constand problem, LOL. :)) But I have an unusual address with a house back in the woods where it can't be seen from the road.
  • OldGeezer 60 Points
    There are a couple of things you could try.
    First, in Garmin BaseCamp, go to Help and Report Map Error, and submit a report with the Lat Lon of the area. If you can, include a screen capture of the location from Google Maps.
    You could also try to report the map error on the HERE website Map Creator at,-74.6599,18,satellite
    Garmin BaseCamp is probably easier. Neither one is likely to be very fast.
    The good news is that Google Maps has the location, so the Here maps will "eventually" get it too.
  • OldGeezer 60 Points
    I second what #Boyd said about using your actual address or any other personal information in an open post, here or anywhere else.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited March 5
    Yeah, I have edited the address out of the OP.

    BTW, if you want to "tag" someone, use the "at" sign, such as @OldGeezer.
  • OldGeezer 60 Points
    @Boyd, got it, thanks.
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