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Drivesmart 65 Turn Off Parking Notification

On a Garmin Drivesmart 65 the Parking icon displays when nearing certain destinations. Annoying and distracting.
Any way to disable this?
I have tried clicking the I and selecting Covered Parking for a destination hoping this will find nothing and therefore display no icon but with no luck.

One example: Traveling to destination Pet Supermarket which is located in a small strip mall, outside entrance, has a parking lot, Drivesmart still shows a Parking icon for Walmart that is two blocks away.

This is really a useless feature that clearly does not work.
I have searched this forum and other sources with no clear-cut answer.


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited December 2020
    If you look in myMaps in the Map and Vehicle settings, you should find a map named "Parkopedia". Try disabling this map (un-check it) and see if that helps. You will probably need to do a full shutdown and restart to be sure it's really disabled (hold power button until it asks if you want to turn off). I think the parking data comes from this map. I have it de-selected on my DriveSmart 61 and DriveTrack 71 and haven't seen those annoying messages recently, but can't confirm that it makes the messages go away.

    If you try, let us know if it works.
  • privet01 231 Points
    On my DS 61 there is a checkbox under [settings] [Map & Vehicle] [Map Layers] specifically for parking. If you have that, try unchecking it.

    I also don't have the Parkopedia map enabled.
  • I had already disabled Parking in the Map Layers.
    I Unchecked the CN North America Parkopedia in Mymaps and it worked! No more Parking Icon.
    I had missed this when going through all the settings.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Cool! B-)
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