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Garmin Express

Does Garmin still support Garmin Express? For months when I log in to Garmin Express I get a banner that it cannot connect to the update server. I contacted Garmin support. I was referred to a tv app to purchase.
Has anyone else tried to update Garmin Express?


  • You might try uninstalling and then reinstalling the program. I have version and GE usually prompts me to accept an update about 3 times per year. The last time was 2 weeks ago.

    You can download here -
  • privet01 231 Points
    If your time, date and timezone aren't correct on your computer then that sometimes causes issues too. Not always, but I did happen to me once and correcting got it going.
  • mike41 38 Points
    I also have a Drive Smart 65 that connects directly to Garman servers, when I try to update this device I get a message the device is connected to my internet but not connected to Garmin internet.
    Then I contacted Garmin support. They recommended this tv repair app. Is Garinm still supporting GPS devices? My vehicles have Carplay but I prefer Garmin. devices.
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    mike41 said:

    I contacted Garmin support. I was referred to a tv app to purchase.

    What is a "tv app"? There is a scam that's been around for a couple years, as a moderator I have deleted a number of spam posts here. Anyway, their ad is misleading and implies it is from Garmin Support and they offer some kind of app. But it's all obviously a scam.
  • sussamb 959 Points
    mike41 said:

    Does Garmin still support Garmin Express?

    Express is still very much alive. If you're having problems connecting try the steps in this FAQ
  • privet01 231 Points
    edited January 1
    I quickly did several searches in the Garmin Support FAQ's and never found a hit for "TV app". So that currently sounds sketchy to me if you are claiming this was Garmin Support that told you this. I'm not where I can check my computer's Garmin Express connection to the servers. And I'd rather not install GE on this machine.

    You may have installed malware or at least some product that will ding your credit card for an annual auto renewal.
  • privet01 231 Points
    Just got back to my Macbook and am currently connected to garmins servers and downloading updates to my DS 61.

    The newest version of Garmin Express is for Mac's. Not sure what it is for Windows PC's. But if you haven't updated GE in a long long time, I suppose it's conceivable that that might be an issue too for your message about Garmin's servers down.

    So update Garmin Express first.... from Garmin's site, not some third party site no matter what some other site claiming to fix things might tell you.

    Also, Garmin has never remotely given any indication of abandoning Garmin Express. The closest you can possibly come to extrapolating any idea they are is their putting a feature on most of their new devices to update via wifi.

    But that's a stretch for them abandoning GE with all the other older device still out there that can't do wifi.
  • Chris_Sav 136 Points
    edited January 2
    latest version on mine on W10 is which I think updated a couple of times just before Xmas.
  • choumi 0 Points
    Hi everybody,
    latest version available for W10 is
  • Another update was released today, version, for Win 10.
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