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Lightweight GPS maps for Linux System

Hello ,
Happy New year , and have a great starting of the decade ! 2021 !
I am trying to build a navigation system for my bike .
I have been looking for linux based GPS maps GUI (just like google maps or streetview) which could run on any embedded linux system(clock ~ 600Mhz , 1 GB RAM, 32 GB disk space) running on 5 V.
I have shortlisted few low cost embedded Linux boards and wanted to know what is the recommended GPS maps .
Of course it will be used for navigation .
I have short listed few below :

Pure Maps


Please advice.
Requirement is light weight, smooth and open source .I may have to do some modifications in the code as well to inetgrate it with the Host Application.
Best !


  • Boyd 2044 Points
    edited January 8
    FYI, it is "MOBAC" and not "MOBACS". :) It is an acronym for Mobile Atlas Creator.

    I use it as platform to distribute the maps that I make. You will find more info here, see my PDF tutorial.

    But you may not understand exactly what it is. MOBAC is a system for managing/downloading maps. It does run on Linux, however it is not a navigation app. It just lets you download maps from various sources and package them in formats that are compatible with a variety of other apps. So, not sure if it does what you need. But if you read my PDF tutorial, I mention a couple GPS apps that run on Linux, although I have only tested Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps.

    Frankly, I think you will make you life hard by using Linux for this, Android would be a much better platform. OruxMaps runs on Android, it's free and is very powerful. You can download/install an APK without the need to use Google Play.

    I am thinking about dropping my support for MOBAC in the future, it is not as user-friendly as I would like and for my own maps, I am going in the direction of my own PWA (Progressive Web App) that runs on any platform and is currently undergoing beta testing.
  • raul 1 Point
    edited January 8
    Sorry for MOBAC typo .
    Thanks for the detailed answer.
    My hands are tied to use Linux only. Had it been Android , I would have used the whole Android goodies(framework,libs and ofcours Google map)
    Also there is no android support for my platforms.(cost issue so cant support extensive speed,memory and RAM).I will go through your tutorials.
    GTK and QT are the only GUI framework I see to be used as a front end for my gps app now.But doing it from scratch will defintely make me run out of time.

    I wish OruxMaps could run on Linux , found the below link , GPXSee seems the most preferred one.
    wondering if your PWA can be shared for testing? Or any way to register for beta tester. It will work on Linux as well right?
    Thanks again !!
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    edited January 8
    The PWA can be installed as an app using Chrome on Android or Safari on iOS although Android has more robust support for PWA's. It can also just run in a browser on any platform, it is Javascript/CSS/HTML based. I have no idea whether PWA's are supported on Linux, although I assume it would work in a browser.

    At this point, I have the basic functions of loading maps and using them with the device's GPS. I will be adding support for tracks, waypoints, offline maps and other features in the future. It uses the maptalks Javascript API, which is not very well-known but is quite powerful. Perhaps it could be of use to you?

    I am writing all my own code for the user interface and other functions, which is big project. My app and website(s) are free, but they are not open source. Sorry, I am not interested in sharing the code. Anyway, I don't think this is what you want. My main interest is in making maps, specifically maps of my own region and the app is an easy way to share them without the user needing to download or install anything. In the future, I hope to reach a wider audience with maps of other areas.

    Good luck with your project!
  • raul 1 Point
    maptalks looks amazing. I will keep an eye on it, Thanks for sharing !
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