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Wordpress integration problems


I've picked up a GPSMap 86S which I'm really happy with. I'm trying to integrate my sailing tracks into my sailing website which is Wordpress based and having some issues.

WP-GPX-Map plugin looks great but for some reason I can't turn off the elevation overlap on the graph underneath the map/track image from the Settings..

I've checked the setting in the database and it should not be displaying the elevation but there is a bug possibly in the main code.

Does any know about fixing this at all as the developer is no longer supporting it?

Not a show stopper but elevation on sailing is pretty pointless!

I tried instead using the sharing from the Garmin Connect data - this display fine but it does not show the speed graph beneath on the website and I can't seem to find any documentation about passing any flags in the code in Wordpress or changing any settings on the Connect system?

My main thing is I am basically after the map/track with the speed graph beneath and preferably have the nice interactive slider to be able to see exactly where peak speeds are happening.

If anyone knows any other good plugins to test I'd be grateful as most seem to have been abandoned years ago for some reason?


  • Boyd 2044 Points
    edited January 10
    As time goes by, I get less happy with Wordpress. Have used it on four of my own sites because it made things easier. But as plug-ins and themes get out-dated it can be a real pain to just get things back to normal. Have decided to make 2021 the year to move away from Wordpress and write all my own code. Takes longer, but then I know exactly how everything works. Sorry that doesn't help, but I sure understand the frustration of unsupported plug-ins.

    A quick search found source for that plugin here, hasn't been updated for 7 years:

    Too busy with my own projects, but it looked like something that could be modified as needed. If you don't have any programming experience, maybe get some help?
  • Tim 1500 Points
    There is a fork of that plugin that has seen updates as recently as last year, haven't checked it out otherwise:
  • Thanks so much guys. I write PHP code for various large projects, just not got time to look around bug hunting at the moment unfortunately.
    I'll take a look and see what I can sort and post any updates next month when my time should free up. (Please free up!)
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