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Any New Garmin Auto GPS Coming Soon?

I have had my trusty Nuvi 3597 for almost 8 years now but it's time for an update/upgrade. I have spent quite a bit of time using Google trying to get some information as to when Garmin will be introducing new auto GPS but have come up with nothing. I don't want to purchase a DriveSmart 55, which was released in January 2019, only to find out that a newer line up is coming soon. Anyone have any information on if and when Garmin will be releasing new auto GPS?


  • privet01 231 Points
    edited January 15
    Well the DriveSmart 61, 65 and 71 are newer than the DS 55. Not certain if the DS 71 is actually released yet as I didn't see it on the Garmin site, but the manual for the DS 55 now shows it applies to DS models 55/65 and 71.

    I suppose it's possible the DS 71 is a model not marketed in North America yet. But my curiosity stops here. I'll wait for others to offer more info.
  • Boyd 2033 Points
    edited January 15
    First I've heard of the DriveSmart 71. From a quick search, it looks like this might be a special version of the DriveSmart 61 (or 65?) that was made for WalMart, there have been previous examples of this. OTOH, I have a DriveTrack 71 and it's my all-time favorite Garmin automotive product, see this thread:

    As for new models... no idea. Doubt I'll ever buy another one and in fact I'm writing my own GPS app for smartphones (although it is more like a handheld than automotive unit).

    These automotive devices are a dying product category that will get less and less attention in the future. They are an increasingly small part of Garmin's income, most of their money comes from sports and fitness devices today (plus expensive commercial Aviation and Marine products).
  • I may consider this old eyes would welcome a 10" screen! Also it states that it can receive and share GPS tracks and that would be most welcome.
  • Boyd 2033 Points
    $700 for (basically) a Nuvi with a 10" screen? Apparently it doesn't even offer aerial imagery or topo maps. Think I'll pass on that. If you want to go large, how about an iPad for half that cost or an Android tablet for even less?
  • Jackson17 81 Points
    It seems that Garmin has been focusing on the RV and Trucking industry for its automotive GPS units in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, a 7 inch or larger GPS won't fit in the lower left hand side of the windscreen in my car - where I prefer to place it.

    I guess I'll wait a little longer to see what Garmin might release in the DriveSmart 55 form factor or if my 3597 actually "dies" (it has been acting a bit weird lately) I'll buy a DriveSmart 55 from a store that has a decent return window (90 days at Costco Canada) and keep my fingers crossed.

    Thanks for all the input!
  • privet01 231 Points
    Well the 700 dollars gets you more than just a 10" screen. You also get more information about things that are more important to those operating big vehicles as some RV's are. So there is some special stuff making it potentially worth the cost for those that use RV's.
  • Boyd 2033 Points
    Hey - if you like it and $700 fits your budget, then by all means go for it! $700 seems to be the new Garmin "Magic Number", it has been the price for all of the premium devices recently.
  • For the past couple years I've been using an RV760, almost exclusively with topo maps, in my big rigs. If I find out this new 10" unit will also allow me to use topo maps - plus allow me to load GPX tracks on it - I may have to consider it. In a couple years or so, that is, after the price drops. I mean, how would I have ever know there was a "Boobs" canyon to explore if I hadn't seen it pop up on my GPS screen??? Iimageimage" />
  • OldGeezer 54 Points
    If the $700 price is a sticking point you could consider the Garmin RV 890. It lists with Garmin for $500, and is on sale (today) on Amazon for $400. Other than the screen size I don't think there's an appreciable difference between it and the RV 1090. In my opinion the 8" screen is a bit large for an automobile windshield/dash - but manageable. To me a 10" screen would be too large for a sedan (or many SUVs) unless it was mounted lower than the dash.
    Another point to consider with the newer RV models is the voice command. Compared with older DriveSmart models you can initiate fewer functions with the RV 890 voice command.
    I replaced a DriveSmart 55 with the RV 890 and like the RV model better.
  • Boyd 2033 Points
    Just noticed that Garmin has the DriveTrack 71 on sale for $300, which is a $100 price drop. I posted a link to my thread for this device above. You can just ignore the dog-tracking features (unless you need them), this unit is a DriveSmart 61 that includes a pre-loaded 100K Topo map and a one-year subscription to Birdseye satellite imagery, which makes it unique because none of the other "Drive" series can use aerial imagery.
  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    The reason why nobody is buying more Gps units is because the price is too high nowadays.
    Who wants to pay 500, 600 or more dollars when they can get the same thing or better with a cheap tablet or phone that costs 200 bucks.
    Garmin is simply out of touch with their pricing.
    These devices should not cost more than 200 dollars imo.
    Theres nothing proprietary about them that is not available in a phone.
  • Boyd 2033 Points
    IMO, they aren't "out of touch", I think they're quite aware of what they're doing. They have greatly pared down the regular automotive line - no new devices at CES this year, for example. They seem to understand that market is slowly shrinking into oblivion.

    Instead, they are concentrating on "boutique" devices like that new $700 RV device, the $700 Overlander, the $700 Montana 700i and $700 GPSMap276cx. Apparently there are people with enough disposable income to buy these things or they wouldn't continue to introduce more models at that price point.

    Meanwhile, they are selling smart watches with pricetags as high as $1500. This is where they really make their money IMO. But look at the general purpose automotive devices - the 5" Drive52 lists for $170 and the 7" DriveSmart65 is $270. These are considerably cheaper than just a few years ago when the DriveSmart61 listed for $400 and you couldn't get anything for under $200.

    So my guess is that they have a pretty good idea of who their customer is, and if you want a premium device, you're gonna pay 700 bucks.
  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    I agree with you, but what is premium about those devices to justify the price?
  • privet01 231 Points
    I don't think they are out of touch with their pricing either. It's just that they probably figure they will be able to sell X amount of units at that price. On the other hand, they probably saw they could sell more units a a lower price, but the number of units sold at that lower price would fall short of the number required to cover expenses and profit.

    If they get to the point where they can't sell enough units to make a profit, they'll be gone eventually. But I'll not base my willingness to pay on whether they will or won't. There are many others that pay for things I'd like to have but am not willing to pony up the money myself. That doesn't make that product overpriced.
  • Boyd 2033 Points
    edited January 18
    I cannot justify that price, and evidently you can't either. So the point is.... they aren't for us! Seems clear that somebody is buying them however. I have no idea.... what does a big motorhome cost? $100,000? I suppose a $700 "accessory" is no big deal in that case. :)

    OTOH, Garmin's regular automotive devices have gotten much cheaper. But you won't see a whole new batch of these every year. Instead, they are concentrating on $700 devices for people with expensive motorhomes, ORVs and motorcycles.
  • Boyd said:

    .... what does a big motorhome cost? $100,000? I suppose a $700 "accessory" is no big deal in that case. :)

    LOL...for a used motor home maybe. New ones start at 2-1/2 times that price and some are over $1 million. So yes, $700 is no big deal.

  • Boyd 2033 Points
    Haha, I really didn't have any idea what they cost! So, it's quite clear that I am not the target market for Garmin's $700 devices. :)
  • MustangGT 42 Points
    I have a Drivesmart 61, I tried the 65 for a while, it didn’t have anything greatly new, so as kept the 61. If they came out with a new model, I would most likely consider it.

    I saw that TomTom is releasing a new 7” model in the UK, hope they release a North American model soon too.

    I’m an update junkie, especially with software and map updates, even if the new features and map update doesn’t affect me. So when I saw this on the TomTom page, it definitely got my interest, not sure if they are talking about weekly map updates?
    “... the most up-to-date maps..... Maps will never be more than a week old...”

    Hopefully Garmin is keeping an eye on what TomTom is doing, and releases a new product too.
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