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G'day to you all

I'm in Australia and like to get out taking photos.
This bought me to GPS and I think the need for them while I am out.
I wondered if there would be a place like this and very pleased to see there is.
So far I have had one hand held device and gone through a heap of apps on my phone.
Happy to say I have found one I like for my phone.
But I do intend on going and getting another hand held one to real soon.
Like I said the main use I need one for is birding as when following you don't take too much
notice of where you have got to and been lost a few times.
So thanks for allowing me in and I will be doing more updates as they come.


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Welcome to the site!
  • Chris_Sav 134 Points
    Hi Jeep and welcome

    The forum is quiet nowadays but there is still a wealth of knowledge

  • Jeep 1 Point
    Thanks for the welcome. even if its slow it will be more to my pace as I am so slow on the up taking of info read or watched. So I should fit in well.
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