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I bought the Garmin eTrex 10 and I just couldn't read where I was with it and one day I was out birding I got totally lost.
Looking at the track I had made with the Garmin I was none the wiser and with luck as I think I had the Twonav installed on my phone and it showed me I was not too far from my car.
I think this was due to it being able to show in colour. While the Garmin was just black and white.
To put it this way I never felt safe with just the garmin after this and this was after so many attempts in areas I know where I was. I put it to test and thought I had it. But not.
The Twonav for instance which I used in 3 totally new area's and not once did I feel as I would not be able to find my car. I was so sure of it and I am happy to aay it is a good piece of gear to use.
One thing I should add here is I live in and area which is flat like one side of a coin. Making it just a few little gullies but there are no land makes to pinpoint where you are so its really a must have here birding.
But this will be changing soon as I am going to be getting another Garmin but one which I hope will cover me.
As the way I am I think the colour screen will be my main asset. But I think the phone app will stay as well.


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited March 20
    I was very interested in TwoNav, but they just aren't sold here in the US. Garmin is truly a monopoly here. I started a thread on them here:

    In the end, I decided not to buy another dedicated GPS device. Instead, I created my own free app. :)

    [edit] Looking at this again it looks like you are talking about the TwoNav App and not their hardware. I have that (for iOS, Android and also Windows) and it is fine. Their CompeGPS Land software (for Mac and Windows) is also very nice but it's expensive. However, I think there are better smartphone apps than TwoNav, such as Guru Maps (Android and iOS), Cartograph (iOS) and OruxMaps and Locus Maps for Android.
  • Jeep 1 Point
    Boyd what I done was download a GPS app to my phone got for a walk across the road as we have got wetlands there so I took the camera as well. Many of the apps were far too hard to operate but I will admit that modern stuff like this does scare me and I am slow to pick up on things.

    The Twonav was so simple to use and was the one that actually got me out of being lost not long ago. I was so happy to have it. The only the other day in a total new area I never felt I was lost with this app. I am not sure if I need to do more to make it more mine as it keeps asking for more information. I must sit down and do that one day. But honestly I think this app works great and I think I would like to keep that when I get my real GPS.

    The GPS I settled on is the Garmin GPSMAP 64x Handheld GPS. I can at the minute only hope it will fit in with my life out birds. I think it will.

    Oh these Twonav's are not sold in Australia either. But the actual unit just on reading sounds so good and I think if the chance came up to buy one here one day I might just do that. Though I feel I will GPS I have ordered will make me think why get another.
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