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Custom POIs into 6000T?

grey 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Not sure on this one. Is there a way to add custom POIs to the unit database, like adding locations for POIs that are missing? It is possible with Garmin.
Just curious. I am about to place my order (leaning towards Magellan).


  • Tim 1481 Points
    Yes, you can. You can either add them as saved "favorites" to your address book or there is a more sophisticated "POI Manager" application you can use to generate your own POI files. You can also use that application to import ASCII file format (.ASC,.CSV,.TXT); GPS Exchange file format (.GPS,.XML); Magellan Waypoint file format (.WPT,.RTE); and Garmin PCX5 Waypoint file format (.WPT,.RTE) files.
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