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Navigon 5100 and Omnitech Software

funeralplanner 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I bought the Omnitech before I bought the 5100, and I'll have to say I liked the software on the Omnitech better. I tried to go and get another one while they were down to 120.00 and they were all out as soon as they went on sale. My question is, if I can get a copy of the Omnitech software, can I put an SD card with the Omnitech software, in the navigon? I have too many CR# and roads without names in the 5100. I also liked the fact that I could touch the road, and it would give me the name and numbered address. What do you all think?


  • Tim 1482 Points
    My question is, if I can get a copy of the Omnitech software, can I put an SD card with the Omnitech software, in the navigon?
  • Okay, thanks for the quick reply Tim.
    What unit would you suggest? Is there any software that will allow us to change the names on the roads?
  • Tim 1482 Points
    TomTom's MapShare program will allow you to change road names.
  • Okay, I'll look into that. Thanks
  • Okay, well I don't have a TomTom. Looks like a great Idea. I'll just hope Navigon comes out with some software that will allow us to make these changes.
  • Can we find an address by intersection with Navigon 5100 as Tomtom one does?
    I got the Navigon 5100 for $200 after rebate but have not opened it yet .Its limited POIs and menu interface make me feel hard to decide to keep it or choose another TTS unit.
    Do you like the 5100, funeralplanner?
    Thanks a lot!
  • I like the 5100, great screen, but I don't like not being able to change things. I think I'm going to get a TT1/3rd instead. Better support it seems.
  • Thanks you for your helpful reply. I decided to return the 5100 although I like and need its TTS, lane assistance, and the most: life time traffice. I will order it again in future when they improve the menu functions ,POIs, sofware/map upgradeable.
    I'm using the Tomtom One LE. It's great !!! The voice is very clear, strong, high volume, and have many optional voices.
    The menu, the ways to input addresses, Favorite address, POIs are so great! They are perfect, I would say. You will be able to find an address by intersaction, zip code, center of a city, and street address of course, changes the settings..... Think about this, we can not always know exactly and fully an number-street-zipcode of a destination. So finding destinations by intersection, zipcode, POIs is very helpful and important. That all included in the TT1.
    I just wish the TT1 LE came with TTS but I understand how can we get that function at under $150. Overall, I like the Tomtom One LE.
    The big weakness of GPS without TTS( as TT1s) is that I get very confused when I reach tigh intersections or exits on highways. I must usually take a look at the tiny screen ( scary!!! at 60mph) to make sure to take the right exits. I hate to hear" take the right exit AHEAD". Sometime, I missunderstand and take the next/right ahead exit and get loss. "AHEAD" here means still be far away,just ready for the right lane, but not immediately/right ahead or next!!!! So I must look at the screen to see the arrow! " I think if they don't speak " Take exits 123 onto ABC street", at least they should say: "Take the second exit, or third exit from here..." !!
    Anyway, I HAVE TO get used to it. Not any GPS is perfect. And this LE is the best one at $150, I think.
    I like the TT1 LE more than TT1 3rd version because the LE has planed Intinerary Trip, which the 3rd does not have. This is the bigest difference.
    Hope this is helpfull to you, in return !
  • Tim 1482 Points
    gogo24 - As you use it more and more you will get more used to what types of phrases it uses and when it speaks them. For example most of the time it will give you a distance... "In 500 yards, keep right". The times when it doesn't give you a distance it typically means "just about right now".
  • gogo,
    Can you tap on a street, and when you do it will give you the address and the street name you tap on?
  • Tim,

    Thank you! Yes, more I use it, more I get familiar with its directions. You're right, I will not make any turn until they say" turn right/left" without "ahead" or a distance. Thanks and happy holidays !
  • funeralplanner,

    Yes, I can figure out the house number when I tap on a street on map.
    However, before you tap on it, make sure you zoom in enough ( almost maximum of the zoom bar) to read each street name. It shows quite exact house number on the street. I'm impressed! You can also find your favorite points on the map, it shows building number too.
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