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7100 button documentation

AngelArs 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Does anyone know what the button UNDER the power button (on the 7100) is for? :( I know it's active because it will make a noise if you press it under certain circumstances, but there is no documentation about its exact use.

Also, does anyone have any reccomendations of a good (hard) case for the 7100? From what I understand the one that Navigon sells scratches the unit because of the zipper. Why they used a zipper is beyond me. They sell a nice case for the 7100 overseas but I guess it's not for sale in the states. Anyway if anyone has any ideas please post them. Thanks :)


  • ooda 0 Points
    There is a manual that comes on the CD-ROM for the 7100 that gives you a break down of everything you want to know about the 7100.
  • Yes we know that and we've read it many times. This buttons function is not covered... maybe we'll have to call them.
  • Well if you press that button and your not in navigation mode, it simply goes into "free view" mode. I assume that is what that button is for.
  • Thanks Jay. It's actually a cool feature and saves a lot of menu navigation. I wonder why they don't mention it in their manual.
  • Here's a quick update: the button that I was referring to also gives you access to the WinCE section once you know how to access it :)
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