Clear Flash Tool from TomTom
  • rav
    Posts: 140
    Has anyone used this application and what does it really do?
    TomTom Clear Flash tool for Windows (EXE)
  • dhn
    Posts: 3,940
    As I understand, sometimes 'stuuf' getting loaded in TomTom's internal memory gets corrupt with a consequence that items written to the flash memory don't get saved properly; this is supposed to 'clean out' the bad data and restore proper functionality.
  • Is there any reason to run such a utility as a preventative measure, or just wait for gloom and doom to slap you in the face first?
  • dhn
    Posts: 3,940
    I understand that some people take enemas as preventive measures; I would not! :lol:

    Same for the flashtool from my point of view.
  • Some people use antivirus programs to recover from an infection, others use them to prevent infection. 😀
  • tomj03
    Posts: 1,623
    When your girl has PMS, a reset doesn't help, then ClearFlash tool is the last recourse.😞
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