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C220 Instructions? [Mio]

kenmist 0 Points
My C220 does just about everything I need. I have yet to call Tech Service for a problem and the User Manual (84 Pages) explains all the "bells and whistles". My one complaint is lack of instructions! It doesn't tell you how to enter a destination in a simplified 1,2,3, manner. If you put in a destination and do a run through it occurs in "real time" which is way too long. I would like to have the ability (and I'm not sure I don't because of lack of simple intructions) to hit one or two buttons to be able to return from my destination to my "home". When you're finished at your destination and beginthe return trip the unit is constantly making recalculations to "turn you around" and get you back to the last destination. Very Frustrating!
Does anyone have simple instructions? What happens when you just want to "start over" and get rid of all the stuff you have accumulated? Remove the memory card?
kenmist :(
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