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mio general questions [Mio]

Can anyone tell me, first of all, is there any software that comes with the device to communicate with it via a computer? If not is there a third party software which would allow me to do so?

I would like to know if I can do any of the following things with the Mio:

1) Download POI database files from the internet and load them onto the device.

2) Setup an itinerary on my laptop and then load them onto the device

3) Save tracked routes, for future use or review on my laptop.


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    1. YES - Check your Mio DVD and install POI Loader

    The POI Loader tool extracts POIs (Points of Interest) from xls and csv files and loads them onto an SD card in a format that MioMap can read (kml files). This allows you to add additional POIs to your Mio device and this next to the already thousands of POIs present.

    The POI Loader does not contain POI information and can only be used to upload your own POIs or POIs created by third parties from your computer to an SD card. This SD card can be placed into your Mio device.You can then decide to view all these new POIs or to navigate to one of them.

    2) Not sure yet - maybe through Google Maps. Anyone, anyone???

    3) Tracks can be saved and reviewed on your Mio and also saved in NMEA format for use with other programs.

    If you have not read your Mio manual you really should as there is a wealth of info in it on operation and features. Some you could grope the gps forever and never find. :wink:
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