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TomTom 920 and 8 gig SD HC Card

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ust for information:

I just purchased a PNY 8 gig SD HC card (Class 4, they also have a slightly more expensive Class 6). It works in the TomTom920


Using a Card Reader I formatted the card and moved about 5 gigs of stuff to the SD card.

TomTom seems to see everything when using Media and I've also got a Video Player installed and that is now playing Fantasia. So the TomTom appears to be able to access these files.

BUT, big BUT.....

When the 920 is hooked up to the computer, using Windows Explorer, the SD's properties show up correctly - size and used/free space, but I could NOT write anything additional to the card. When I tried moving another folder's worth of music it said something about "wrong parameters."

Now whether the HC would make a difference I don't know.

I will now see what happens with more functions.


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    For SDs to work for TomTom, they have to be formatted in FAT32 and FAT32 can only address 4GB of space.
    If you format that SD in NTFS you can start copying any files/subfolders without issues over 4GB, but the TomTom unit will not be able to read it.
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    For SDs to work for TomTom, they have to be formatted in FAT32 and FAT32 can only address 4GB of space.
    If you format that SD in NTFS you can start copying any files/subfolders without issues over 4GB, but the TomTom unit will not be able to read it.
    I'm not sure that is the case with Fat32. I believe the drive can be larger but that NO ONE FILE can be larger than 4gigs (or whatever that magic binary number would be).

    Windows offered to format the drive when it was in the TomTom and, yes, you are right - it formatted it as 4g. But when I placed it in a new card reader then went to Manage (under My computer) and checked the STORAGE module, the drive showed as larger and so I REFORMATTED it and it offered 7+ gigs. I've now copied approximately 5.5 gigs to it and I _THINK_ I can access those gigs when in the TomTom. The way I'm testing is to see if stuff I added later is accessible. The last album I added was Jefferson Airplane (can you date me with that reference?!!!) and it is playing fine (other than it plays in alphabetical order rather than TRACK order).

    Now it could take a long time for me to try each and every file but I think that they are there. At least, I hope they are.

    While I would wonder if this is some inherent limitation or merely the way TomTom programmed the unit, it would seem if it can find the files for playing as mp3's, that there should be a way to get around this limitation???

    Just my observations.
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    How I got a Transcend 8gb class 6 SDHC (TS8GSDHC6) to work in the TomTom 920 at 8g.

    1. Load the SD card into TomTom
    2. Using Windows XP format the SD card
    3. The card will only be formatted to 4 gig (for now)
    4. Restart Home
    5. The TomTom will ask which you wish to use (say the SD card)
    6. Go ahead and let it update (mine placed the mp3, voices folder on the card along with a couple of other files)
    7. Exit Home and remove the SD Card from the 920
    8. Place the SD card into a modern SD card reader (I ordered a $3.45 + shipping white SanDisk bulk one from amazon which works fine)
    9. Create a directory on your hard drive
    10. Copy all the files and folders from the SD card to this folder
    11. Reformat the SD sd card this time it should allow formatting to 8g (actually 7.51g)
    12. Copy all the files you earlier copied off the SD card back onto it
    13. Reinsert the SD card into TomTom 920
    14. Turn the 920 back on and start Home
    15. Again select the SD card as the one you wish to use (note it should say about 7.5g available)
    16. You can then go to my computer and see that the SD card appears as a 7.5g drive there also
    17. Then just use as you normally would.

    A small test using one album of mp3's copied to the mp3 folder on the SD card worked fine.

    I am using dBpoweramp's batch conversion utility to convert my wma's to mp3 by just setting the mp3 folder on the SD card as the target. I 'll update with report on success after I have filled the SD card up with several gigs of music.
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    I thought I did something similar but so far the 8 gig files are available when the tomtom920 is using them as music, video and itineraries. But if I hook to my computer (xp sp2) the card does not show up and windows offers to format it!

    But I will try your steps in the morning as I again copy the 8 gigs to my hd drive. I will see tomorrow morning how it goes.

    Okay, so I don't get any sleep TONIGHT.

    So far.... it appears to be working just as you said. (fingers crossed (as well as the sleepy eyes!) Recopying photos. The BIG test will be the 700+ mp3 files that I had on it....

    So far - thanks lots more copying to do ....


    Copying went along swimmingly until the SD card had somewhere in the high 3 gigs range. Then, copying stopped with 'incorrect parameter' errors. Tried a few individual copies. No go. Stopped the TT, pulled the card. Card into card reader and then was able to copy the rest of the data to the sd card.

    Clearly, a limitation in the 920. An odd one since Home showed the correct capacity and the TT can apparently use data loaded on the sd card when the card is loaded outside the unit. I don't know if it is an actual physical limitation or one TT can fix with code.

    Now maybe your Class 6 Transcend works and this PNY Class 4 does not.

    Let me know.

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    I suspect we are getting similar results. While using dBpoweramp copy convert/copy several gigs of mp3's to the SD card it encountered problems with transferring some of them and logged the errors. Following that I had the same problems you noted.

    I suspect the problem is that the 920 SD interface can in fact read the data from the 8g SDHC cards but has intermittent write problems to them or perhaps insufficient error recovery and corrupts the file table on the SD card in the process.

    So it appears we may be limited to copying our music onto the SD card using a separate reader. But TomTom 920 can in fact then read and use the mp3s fine once the SD card is inserted back into the TomTom 920.
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