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DeLorme PN-20 with XMap 5.2

J Clark 0 Points
Has anyone been using the DeLorme PN-20 with XMap 5.2 to produce detailed hunting area maps, topo and aerial? I was thinking about trying this combination out and selling my Lowrance HuntC. The Lowrance unit is nice but the MapCreate software needs improvement.


  • Tim 1474 Points
    I haven't been using XMap, but I've been using the included Topo USA. What functions in XMap are you looking at that are not in Topo USA?
  • Thanks for the reply. I was looking at possiby using XMaps to import higher quality Topo's and Aerial's in lieu of purchasing them from DeLorme. XMap supports MrSid and GeoTIFF images.

    Are the color aerials that come with Topo USA 7.0 quailty enough at 1 mile up to be useful for mapping out deer and duck leases? I know you could purchase higher quality images from DeLorme but I would need almost all of the state of Arkansas. That would be too expensive.
  • Tim 1474 Points
    You can see some sample imagery here. If you need tons of aerial images and have the MrSid or GeoTIFFs then XMap is probably the way to go.
  • Since we hunt and ride 4-wheelers at different locations throughout the state, I thought it would be nice to have that capability. I beleive that I can get the required images for free from the USGA/Terra. Does this sound doable to you? Do you know of any other sites? Again, thanks for the help.
  • Tim 1474 Points
    I don't have much experience with getting those types of imagery from other sites, so I'm not sure I can help there.
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