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2200T. How bad can a GPS be?

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Seems like I have been reading a lot of stories from old and new users concerning the consistent problems being encountered with Magellan's fine line of over-priced junk.

The Magellan 2200T is no exception. If I had been any closer to Lake Michigan this weekend while in Chicago, I would have surely thrown it in!! Actually, my wife had to stop me from doing just that. I have been questioning the units sub-standard navigation and old maps every time I use the thing and keep getting the same inacurate info. Last weekend, my trip to Chicago was the worst and I finally just solved the whole problem by simply turning it off, after a few choice words. I'm just glad I printed out directions from MapQuest before I left because that is all that saved us from getting completely lost. After this fiasco, I have lost all faith in the Magellan AIO GPS's.

1. If you have ever drove on the Dan Ryan Exoressway during rush hour in downtown Chicgo then you know that the last thing you need is bad navigation. Getting in the far right lane, as instructed for my off-ramp I noticed that my actual exit was clear over on the left lane, 6 lanes over and I needed to turn left and not right as my 2200T had instructed. 1 hr later I was back on track. That was the first, here are some of the others encountered in the 2 days there.

2. As I approached the hotel, the unit kept telling me to make a legal u-turn even though I could see the hotel entrance 1 block away.

3. It instructed me to take a street to get to the Field museum that didn't even exist anymore.

4. Told me that I was at my "destination" and to exit even though there was no exit ramp and not even a street at that location.

5. Insisted that I take a right onto a one-way street, in the wrong direction.

6. On the trip home, it told me to exit the freeway at every single exit ramp, even after I re-set it several times. It was so bad that we actually started laughing at it until I finally ended the agony and just turned it off again.

That makes 2 trips since I purchased the unit and both times the GPS was terribly inaccurate and gave wrong directions. This weekend I am going to let it take me to the New Buffalo, MI boat launch where it will finally be put to rest with a burial at sea. That is if it can find New Buffalo!
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