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Blackberry's GPS Capability

Randy Carson 0 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
My Question
Is Blackberry's GPS capability any good or do I need a separate GPS?

I've decided to buy a Blackberry for a whole host of reasons. However, I'm curious to know whether the Blackberry GPS capability is worth the $9.99 per month or whether I should buy a separate GPS from TomTom, Garmin or Magellan, etc. Since I know next to nothing about either Blackberry or GPS systems, I'm asking myself (and you) whether one unit will serve both functions.

My Application
I am a REALTOR, and having a GPS would help when showing multiple properties. I want to be able to get to each house quickly and easily. Using a map works, but it's cumbersome and time-consuming. Using a GPS would be easier and look more professional. One concern: I visit NEW houses frequently, and some subdivisions and streets are so new, they aren't on the maps, yet. I'm guessing that a GPS database gets updated periodically, but I don't know how often this happens or what it costs to update. Help on this would be great.

My Requirements
One feature that might be cool is the ability to enter a whole bunch of addresses the night before I go out to show the properties...then I could just cruise from property to property without having to stop to program the next address. Even cooler than that would be the ability to optimize the ORDER in which we see the houses. That might be too much to hope for, however! 8)

I'd also like the GPS to speak the directions ("Turn left in one half mile", etc.) as I'm driving.

My Service Provider
My service provider is Alltel, and their website references a subscription from TeleNav...could someone explain 1) the relationship between Alltel and TeleNav; 2) how good the Blackberry/TeleNav system is when compared to say, a lower-priced unit like Magellan's new Roadmate 1200; and 3) specifically, whether the Blackberry/TeleNav approach has the audible direction capability I mentioned above.




  • Hi Randy,
    I wish I could be more help on this one. I ordered a blackberry this past summer for a road trip I made. They promised me it would arrive on Friday as we were scheduled to leave on Sunday. The blackberry did not make it in time, so I canceled.
    A plus on a blackberry is that you can also access the internet and google maps, so someone could code a web based application that used google maps with all the bells and whistles you mentioned. By having the blackberry GPS capable, your current position could easily be derived by a web based application.
    I wish I had some answers for you. You might take a look at the Helio also. It has recently come up on my radar as something worth checking out.
    If I remember right, the navigating service with the blackberry was not mandatory. And, from what I looked at the GPS still worked. So you could try it and cancel that feature if it did not suit you purposes, and you'd still have a pretty good cell phone with GPS. I'd ask the phone rep to confirm that though.
    Hopefully someone will have some useful input.
    David Robert
    Founder of
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