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Tom Tom Rebates - caveat emptor

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I regret to have to report that the recent rebate offer was bogus, at least in my case.

After a 65 minute-phone-torture with TT, being shoved from one individual to the other - always with great courtesy - I was told to contact the rebate center which is "independent" of TomTom.

Despite being assured that the rebate offer was legit BEFORE I made the purchase and waiting over 8 weeks for word that my documentation was being processed, I just found out that my rebate request was not properly submitted and that a letter to that effect "was in the mail".

When I Googled "rebate center", the very prominent TomTom logo is still touting all kinds of rebates to promote their products.

The price of the GO910 - over the counter with no rebate scams - is now $ 369.- and I paid almost $ 200.- more due to my mistaken trust in the honesty of the company.

This is not worthy of an outfit that offers a first rate product.


  • birdy176 0 Points
    Must report with regret that I have filed a complaint with the MA Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection against TomTom Inc for their failure to honor a rebate request.

    While TomTom HQ acknowledged getting the form they allege that the original UPC from the box of the device was not included. This thick piece of carboard was attached to the letter making it impossible to get lost, even after opening the envelope.

    They could have turned me down for filing out-of-date, failure to attach a stamp, or wrong information provided, but "the dog ate the tag" just doesn't cut it.

    I had been doubly careful BEFORE actually making the purchase by joining this forum and having one of the moderators get an assurance that the rebate offer was legit

    This is not the practice of a responsible company, espcially since I registered my purchase and ordered and received new maps as offered under the deal.

    Neither several phone calls and assurances from "Justin" nor a snail mail letter had any effects. All I got for my efforts was a post card yesterday, denying the rebate.

    Considering that the GO 910 is now being sold at more than $ 200.- less than what I paid without a rebate, this looks like a rip-off on those who trust a a reputable business.
  • Tim 1480 Points
    Considering that the GO 910 is now being sold at more than $ 200.- less than what I paid without a rebate, this looks like a rip-off on those who trust a a reputable business.
    There have been significant price reductions from all manufacturers over the past six months, not just with TomTom devices. For example the Garmin c330 was originally set at an MSRP of $964 yet I saw it listed today somewhere for $249. That is a $715 price drop since it was introduced.

    Sorry to hear about your rebate status. I've heard from other people who told me they did receive theirs, but I haven't heard much feedback otherwise. You are the only person who has contacted me to say they didn't get their rebate. I'm not saying there isn't an issue, but it doesn't appear right now to be a widespread issue. I'll certainly have my ears open though.
  • birdy176 0 Points
    Thank you, Tim,

    Of course I am aware of the price drop in general, but it makes the loss of the rebate, which I had claimed in good faith, harder to bear.

    The Attorney General's office has already confirmed that they're willing to investigate, especially since I am a senior. Losing the UPC is unforgivable because there was only one on the box and the fact that I made a copy meant nothing to them when I called, e-mailed and also wrote to them.

    Maybe I was lucky until this year: In almost 70 years of using the US Postal service I have never lost a piece of mail.

    If I were dealing with a dishonest reseller - or even E-Bay - I would just leave it alone. But all of us navigation device owners are almost married to the manufacturers like TT, what with maps to purchase and being registered to a point where there's no chance for us to misrepresent our membership or ownership of one of their devices.

    They didn't even try to blame the dealer ( whom I contacted as soon as I found out that something was fishy. I have dealt with them numerous times and always gave them five stars. That's something I cannot say about TomTom Inc. after this experience.

    TT would do well to monitor this site for there have been good suggestions for improving their product which would enable them to stay ahead of the competition.

    Just had some friends over who're about to visit a place on Land's End in the UK. They tried to explain just how far that is from the more inhabited parts. Having practiced a lot since I got the device, I was able to show them in about 35 seconds what great location they would be traveling to.

    They were blown away by the demonstration and I couldn't bring myself to tell them how disappointing my purchase experience has been.
  • Tim 1480 Points
    TT would do well to monitor this site for there have been good suggestions for improving their product which would enable them to stay ahead of the competition.
    While I don't know that they read every post, they do monitor this site, as do most of the other manufacturers and even some of the side vendors like the mapping companies.

    You probably know all of this, but I'll put it here anyway. The rebate was "offered by" TomTom, however like most rebates TomTom hired a company that specializes in rebates to "administer" the rebate for them. In this case you can see from the TomTom rebate form that it was (apparently) partially administered by

    You can see from the bottom of that they are part of the Better Business Bureau Online (BBOnLine) program. Here you can see that the company behind is:

    Continental Promotion Group Inc.
    1120 W. Warner Road
    Tempe, AZ 85284-2816
    Telephone: (480) 606-9300
    Original Business Start Date: August 1989
    Principal: Mr. Kevin Iurato, Attorney
    Email Address:
    Entity: Corporation
    Incorporated: June 1994, AZ
    Employees: 300
    TOB Classification: Fulfillment Services
    BBB Membership: This company is a member.

    That email address listed might be a good place to voice your concern, as would submitting a complaint directly to the BBOnLine program. Also if you google "Continental Promotion Group rebate" you will see their site, plus a whole lot of other upset people regarding their rebates through other promotions and other companies.
  • birdy176 0 Points
    Thanks again, Tim.

    After a number of contacts with them and promises that they would check the matter out, I got nothing but a post card and no contact initated by them.

    The demand for an original UPC tag is an old ruse that enables them to blame the US Postal Service whenever they drop the ball. That's an "out" worthy of businesses in Crooklyn but not by what I considered an honorable firm.

    They're already making it extremely difficult to contact them via e-mail but I discovered a "back door" stemming from a contact I made before I actually ordered my device. The telephone route got me nowhere. 65 minutes on the phone two weeks ago and being shoved from one - always - extremely polite agent to another had me fooled that they care.

    They do not!

    The addresses you gave are much appreciated but my patience wore thin and I went straight to the top. Have wasted more time on these people than the rebate is worth but they turned it into a matter of principle
  • birdy176 0 Points
    Tim, I have good news.

    After I sent TT a copy of my complaint to Consumers Protection in Mass., I was promised the rebate by the end of last week plus an accessory of my choice for my troubles. I picked the FM dock and it too came within 3 days. Amazing what the threat of litigation can do.

    It goes without saying that I advised the Att.Gen. of TomTom's action.

    Ironically, on the same day that I got the conciliatory e-mail, I received another one, apparently from a different planet, repeating that the rebate was declined since I hadn't sent the UPC (which of course I had!).

    The left hand not knowing what ...... etc.

    The manual that came with the FM transmitter (it's nice to have two docks...) mentions that one can download about 40 hours of music to the device and stream it through the car's stereo speakers (I have six).

    Tried the default music and also the human turn instructions and it's absolutely amazing, especially the volume range. Finding a frequency that's not used was a bit dicey since I only have search buttons which stop at stations that are used but I got it to work on a clear one after a long search.
  • Ordered Two TomTom 700's and my friend 3. Ordered it through Amex Wishlist. They honored 1 of my rebates, but wouldn't honor the other either mine or my friend's 3. They claim that the first one they sent out was a mistake. They are telling us the place we purchased was on a list of non valid retailers.

    THe catchy, "Offer is NOT valid at retailers offering instant givegive savings, including but not limited to: ... ... ... ..."
    is to blame. This doesn't make sense cause wouldn't that mean that whatever they wnat to make not valid they can make not valid. For example we ordered from amex wishlist online, paid amex's price. Its not listed under ... ... .. ... their list, but they are saying it one of the unlisted one. To make things weirder, we called in advance and they said they'd honor it. Worse why would they send on and not the other.

    This has been happning to me and my friends cousin, he actually got his one. All in all i think they are shafting us and this is Plain Fraud. If there is no way for consumers to know online or by phone which list of retailers are invalid then who's to know how far they limited. From the sound of their phrase, they wanted an easy way of ending the promotion incase they loose money.

    Me and my friend are filing a report with the BBB and the FTC. I would be interested in a Class action Lawsuit against them, but don't if anyone has started one against TOMTOM and their partner ( I'm going to try and contact TomTOm tomorrow and see if i have any luck with them.
  • birdy176 0 Points
    I wouldn't go the litigation route so fast...

    I also read the "exempt" retailers list and when my favorite ( was not on it, I not only asked one of our friendly moderators to check with TomTom but I also sent an e-mail to the dealer before placing the order.

    My argument with TT was that they confirmed getting my duly signed rebate form but denied getting the UPC which had to be cut out of the product box.

    To prevent some butter fingers in the "Corporate Letter Opening Department" from losing it, I taped the piece of cardboard to the copied invoice.Then I scanned the contents AND the envelope - even with the stamp on it - and printed them out.

    After ten weeks I found out I didn't exist - after all these
    paranoid actions. That's what got my goat and camels too....

    So before you turn 'em in, make sure that you have a leg to stand on. Sending TomTom messages will get you canned replies at best on how to prepare an itinerary and at worst, how to boot up your PC.

    Calling them at the rebate number gets you ditto. Threatening them doesn't work either - I tried that because I didn't want to go the hard way against a firm that might just have made a mistake and with whom I was going to be married for the foreseable future (maps etc.).

    What DID work was a copy of my complaint to Consumer Protection in which I certified that I had sent TT copies of the contents of the envelope on two occasions - one by e-mail and one by Uncle Sam

    You might also want to make sure - should you proceed - that it was a TomTom underwritten rebate and not the dealer's.

    Big Difference!
  • birdy176 0 Points
    Had no idea what you meant by Amex Wishlist. Thanks to Google now I do. Oh Brother.....

    Rule 1 thru 999: Google first for whatever you buy and whomever from. Discard everything coming out of Crooklyn, bad dudes the lot...

    If you ever get a call-back from a dealer to "confirm" shipping address or any other question - cancel the deal before they talk you into buying the Empire State Bldg. for if you refuse, they put your credit card through or just tell you that they're out of stock.

    Some of the best ratings are from Amazon, most others pay shills for writing glowing epics. Or come here and get advice. If it's for a new heated toilet seat, Google for a forum and check with them.

    I have bought nothing electronic or electrical in a store in the past four years or more, only one item from a WalMart brick-mortar store since they had a model that was of a lesser grade than what I wanted. They let me test it for 30 days anyway and I returned it in pristine condition and then got the one I really wanted from an on-line dealer.

    Presently I am studying the market for a digital camcorder - sorry - off thread.....
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