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Mio C230 vs Pharos 150 vs Omnitech

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Hi all I'm looking to get an entry level portable gps. I've narrowed it down to these 3 the mio c230, pharos 150, and omnitech from staples. My main concern is the TTS, which I believe all these have. My next main concern is good are the directions, and if u can choose an alternate route if u want to avoid toll roads. Can anyone help me out with my final decision. They are all about same price give or take $20-30. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can get the omnitech the cheapest and one review said that the ominitech is basically a pharos 250.


  • pharos 150: I can't comment on it, since I never test one before.

    Mio C230: great little GPS, 0.9Million POI only. TTS tends to be VERY chatty! Volume is bit too low for current GPS standard.
    Position accuracy is within 30 yard at speed of 35mph.
    I did mod a 12 Million POI for this particular model.

    Omnitech: (Desitnator 7.0) is the WORST I have ever tested. (personally, I don't make real negative remark on any GPS, but for this one, I have no choice)

    Not only the navigation screen lack of contrast, screen is virtually unreadable under the sun, but the indicator constantly switch around.
    ( I really have hard time wondering which direction am I actually facing )
    Position accuracy is really bad, and it will ONLY lock to the Road. That mean, if you ever park at Costco's parking lot, it will show you are actually parking on the street.

    POI data doesn't even exist. Well, it does, but no retail store, no grocery stores. Unless you tends to enter exact address every time, otherwise, please stay away.

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