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nuvi 370 & trafiic receiver

Maybe somebody with a 370 can help me.

I've been trying to google for a "real" review of the 370 but every one I've found takes a "see 360, add Euro maps and integrated traffic receiver" kind of approach to the review.

I was able to find out that the "integrated receiver receiver" isn't built-in but in fact a separate cable. The question is, is that cable a separate one from the power adapter or is it integrated into the power adapter like on the newer 660?

Also not clear is if you buy the North American version of the 370, do you still get a life-time sub to the UK traffic and 3 months in France.

Finnally, are there other not-so-obvious differences between the 360 and 370. Like, does it have a large internal flash drive, or do you just have less free space on the 370 because of the extra maps? Are the screen absolutely identical?


  • Tim 1497 Points
    The cable is not separate from the power adapter, it is a single cable (multiple cables wrapped into one actually) that includes the traffic receiver antenna as well as the power cable. You are correct, just like the 660.

    Each site might have their own definition of "integrated". I call it integrated when a device comes with all of the necessary hardware to receive traffic, in contrast to other devices which are capable of hooking up to traffic if you get an add-on kit.

    I'm not 100% sure (never got a clear answer from Garmin myself), but I don't think that you can buy the North American version of the 370 AND get the subscriptions for the other countries as well. At least there is no documentation included with the 370 to give you any coupon codes or instructions like there is for the Clear Channel traffic in the USA.

    There are seemingly a couple of different screens found on the various 300 series Nuvi devices depending on when they shipped. Even within a single model I've seen some screens that have a different appearance than others. However all of the later shipping screens have been similar and the 370's that I've seen look just like those on the later 350s and 360s.

    It is my understanding (I haven't independently confirmed) that there is 1.2 GB of free space on the Nuvi 370. Assuming that is true then it probably has 4 GB of flash memory inside versus 2 GB (with 700 MB remaining) on the 350/360.

    Other than that, there are no not-so-obvious differences that I've seen, nor heard about from anyone else.
  • Jonavin 0 Points
    Thanks. That answers all my question perfectly.

    The extra RAM and combo traffic cable makes it worth it even if I won't be using the Euro maps for another year or two.
  • SammyJ 0 Points
    I actually just purchased a 370. It in fact does have a seperate cable for the traffic receiver. There's the mobile power adapter that plugs into the back, and the traffic receiver that plugs into the USB port.
  • Tim 1497 Points
    That is interesting, thanks for commenting. The setup I was able to see wasn't configured like that, but could have been a pre-release product or just an incorrectly packaged box.
  • SammyJ 0 Points
    No problem at all Tim. I was kind of hoping it would be better "integrated", but, regardless, the thing is AWESOME! I upgraded from an iQue 3600 and I'm loving it so far, minus some problems (read: VOLUME!), which I'll post about separately.

    Good forum, lots of great info here, I'm glad I joined :)
  • Tim 1497 Points
    Glad to have you here. It is sometimes tough with new product releases, especially when sometimes the products I see might not be exactly what ships to stores. So verification (or corrections!) from users like yourself are essential.
  • Jonavin 0 Points
    I just got my Nuvi 370 this week. It is indeed a separate cable. And I can confirm the 4GB internal memory.

    What's interesting is that my traffic cable actually shows subscription for 3 months for both US and France. I don't know if that means it also includes the lifetime UK sub.

    Does it normally show the UK sub as a separate entry?
  • SammyJ 0 Points
    Ditto on that.
  • SammyJ 0 Points
    BTW, don't mean to hijack this thread, but how's the volume of the speaker on yours?
  • Jonavin 0 Points
    Volume is fine in the car, and too loud at the max setting in a quiet room. I upgrade to firmware 3.60 (it came with 3.40).

    The TTS quality could be better though.
  • SammyJ 0 Points
    I think I have a defective unit then :(

    RMA it is... Thanks for the info!
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