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Transfer Favorites?

How can I transfer waypoints/favorites from one GPS to another?

I tried using MapSource to transfer waypoints from my eMap to my new Nuvi 680, but it wouldn't let the waypoints transfer only the maps.

I thought I would try my favorites from my old c530 to the new Nuvi 680 but I don't know what file to copy and paste into the Nuvi? or isn't that a good way to do it?

Any one with help on this experience would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Nu680


  • Tim 1466 Points
    Typically it will be:

    /USB drive/Garmin/GPX/Current.gpx
  • but this means whatever favorites you have on one device will wipe out all the favorites of the destination device.

    No way to just transfer individual favorites rather than a complete replacement. there are favorites that I want to retain in my nuvi 760 but need only some favorites from my daughter's nuvi 350
  • Tim 1466 Points
    Depending on your computer skills, you can open each of the files with a simple text editor, note the format of how things are stored, then copy/paste the items from one to another merging them in.
  • Thanks Tim. Is there any special software to open up the .gpx file or I can just use notepad..
  • Tim 1466 Points
    I'd use notepad.
  • will give it a try
  • NU680 0 Points
    Thanks so much for all of your help!

    I updated my MapSource software online, and it recognized my Nuvi 680 and let me transfer all of the Waypoints from the eMap.

    When I use my eMap, I transfer my waypoints to the MapSource program, delete the one's I don't want then save that set with a new name. Those were saved as a *.gdb files. The Nuvi 680 is a *.gpx file. A little confusing, but as long as I keep separate folders, I think it will work OK.

    Thanks again . . . It's a pleasure to be part of such a Great Forum!
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