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Bushnell ONIX 400CR

peproue 0 Points
Any word on the upcoming release of this unit? I wonder if they will offer Mac support? :?:


  • Tim 1470 Points
    I don't have much info on this GPS yet. I've got one of the 200's coming. I haven't heard anything to indicate Mac support. Sorry, not much info yet.
  • Stykbow 0 Points
    I did a google search and found a reviewer from Back Packer and read the preliminary review and then emailed him about the unit and he didn't have a lot of good things to say about the unit or their map and photo service. Here is his reply to my email inquiring about the Bushnell ONIX 200 CR, gps unit.

    "My initial report on the ONIX was fairly upbeat, but it has been downhill
    from there. I presently consider it one of the worst pieces of gear that I
    have ever reviewed. The unit basically has the features it claims, but there
    is nothing user friendly about the GPS, the Bushnell map website, or the PC
    Companion software. The softwear on their website for downloading maps is
    clunky, the PC companion software is clunky, and the ONIX itself is not that
    smooth to operate. Their maps on their website are very difficult to
    navigate and read; the aerial photos are worse. I have been able to download
    directly to the ONIX, but not to the PC Companion software and then to the
    ONIX. I have sent several e-mails to Bushnell tech support, but they are not
    very responsive. In short - I do not recommend this GPS."

    I've sent him an email since trying to find out more about the function and accuracy of the unit but he hasn't replied back yet. I will post more details if I find out anything more.

    Take Care, Roger
  • Stykbow 0 Points
    Hi Guys,

    I went to Gander Mountain today to check out the Lowrance iFinder Hunt C and the Garmin 60 CSx while I was there I noticed that the spot for the ONIX 200 CR was missing according to the clerk he said they can't keep them in stock.

    When I told him what I'd heard from the other tester he said so far they haven't had any complaints or returns. When I mentioned about the maps and mapping program he guessed it could be due the product being new.

    I was disappointed I really wanted to get a look at it I'll just have to stop back and check it out when they get more in...

    Take Care, Roger

    PS If anyone gets one in the meantime I'd appreciate your thought and opinions on the unit.
  • I wonder if this is the same unit:

    It doesn't have the "CR" designation, which I have no idea what it means to begin with, but it seems to have all the features, no?
    And! You can save whole penny on it, which is something to write home about.

    Sometimes I wonder... (what's this fishy smelling thing growing on me?)
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