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Nuvi vs iQue

I am thinking of getting a Nuvi 360 but then I saw that the iQue is generally less expensive, but the iQue is also a PDA. Why is the Nuvi more expensive? I know the Nuvi has the text-to-speech while the iQue does not. What are the other major differences? I'm assuming the Nuvi's navigation capabilities must be better?

Thanks in advance!


  • Tim 1486 Points
    Which iQue are you looking at? Most of the iQue devices except for the iQue M4 have been discontinued. So I'll try to compare the Nuvi 360 and the iQue M4.

    The Nuvi 360 comes with Bluetooth, an option that the iQue M4 does not have. The iQue M4 is a little bigger (overal volume) as well as a little heavier. Some of the "add-ons" for the Nuvi don't work with the iQue M4 such as the audio book player, Travel Assistant, custom car icons, etc.

    As you mentioned the iQue does not have text to speech. The iQue is also not compatible with any of the traffic receivers that the Nuvi is compatible with.

    If you need the Windows Mobile/PDA features the iQue M4 is not a bad way to go and is an often overlooked device.
  • I was looking at any of the iQues, you're right that the M4 is the most available. Maybe it's not a good sign that most have been discontinued!

    I don't really *need* the PDA features, I really need the navigation more than anything. Is the navigation just as good on the iQue? Does it connect as fast to the satellites? Basically, would it get me where I need to go just as well as the Nuvi? I'm moving to Los Angeles and don't know the area at all, so I really need some good navigation. :)

    I just thought, if the navigation is as good, why not get the iQue for the PDA features?

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  • Tim 1486 Points
    To be honest, the only iQue I've actually used was the 3600a which is for aviation. I haven't tried the iQue for auto navigation. Looking through the specs, it appears that it uses the same level of mapping detail as the Nuvi does.

    As far as connecting to satellites, the iQue M4 and the Nuvi 360 both use the legendary SiRFstarIII chipset so it should connect really fast and be quite accurate. That is about the best consumer level GPS chipset out there right now.

    I think there are a couple of reasons why people go for the Nuvi much more than the iQue. The iQue having a flat thin design makes it difficult to prop on a dash without an additional windshield mount. (And those mounts are not legal in California.) Even if you could mount it to the dash it is tall and would block more of the road than the horizontal Nuvi.

    The Nuvi is heavily marketed while I've never seen an ad for the iQue line (except for the aviation model).

    There are also lots of auto navigation specific items on the Nuvi like text-to-speech and the ability to connect it to a traffic receiver that lots of people want.

    And if you are going to LA.... you might just want to get something with a traffic receiver. Although it ads to the cost, having the GPS to help keep you out of traffic might be an option you want now or down the road.
  • Hmm, I hadn't thought much about the traffic receiver. I think I read that it's about $5 per month for the service, which isn't bad. So the Nuvi doesn't have a built-in traffic receiver, I'm guessing? Do you know how much traffic receivers are?
  • Tim 1486 Points
    edited October 2006
    For the Nuvi 360 there are two compatible traffic receivers. The GTM-10 costs $214 retail and the GTM-12 costs $160 retail. The GTM-10 requires professional installation so I wouldn't go with that one, get the GTM-12 if you want a traffic receiver. It is "plug-and-play".

    With the cost of the receiver (when you buy it separately) you get a subscription to the traffic service for 15 months. After that I think it is $60/year.
  • Well, if the receiver costs that much, isn't it better to just get a Nuvi 660 with a built-in receiver, rather than a 360 and add the receiver? It seems the cost would be pretty similar. Does the 660 have anything else the 360 doesn't have? Besides the larger screen, I mean.
  • Tim 1486 Points
    That is an option, yes. Currently I see Nuvi 360 prices starting at about $570 and Nuvi 660 prices starting at about $750. Street prices on the GTM-12 are at about $150 so you could have the 360 and traffic receiver for about $30 less than the least expensive 660.

    However, the GTM-12 purchased separately comes with a 15 month traffic subscription while the Nuvi 660 (which comes bundled with the GTM-20) comes with a 3 month subscription. So there would be additional savings (12 months of traffic service which would normally be $60) beyond the $30 difference if you use the traffic service. So you might save about $90 going that route.
  • Tim 1486 Points
    Forgot to mention the other difference, the 660 comes with an FM transmitter which the 360 does not have.
  • Tim 1486 Points
    Conversation changed to TomTom Navigator so I've moved that thread over here:
  • Forgot to mention the other difference, the 660 comes with an FM transmitter which the 360 does not have.
    I would not say it is worth the extra cost for this feature. This feature is weak.

    The SCREEN is worth it however.
  • Tim 1486 Points
    Yes, I've heard mixed reviews about the FM transmitter. Some people report it works great while others have had utter failure trying to use it. I think it comes down to the design of the vehicle (where the FM antenna is) as well as the number of radio stations and thus the chance of finding a good, clear spot on the dial.
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