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Maestro 4040

ymn 0 Points
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Hi, I'm checking to see if anyone has tried the Maestro 4040 that has just started showing up in the stores. I tried the Nuvi 350, but I returned it because it didn't work very well in the DC/Baltimore area. I'll probably get the Maestro over the weekend. Thanks.


  • Tim 1481 Points
    Hi ymn,

    Can you elaborate on what didn't work well about the Nuvi 350? With that info I can let you know what you can expect from the Maestro 4040. I've written a fairly extensive review about the Maestro 4000 which you can read. The 4040 ads Bluetooth hands free calling, text-to-speech, an optional traffic receiver, and another 2.5 million POIs.
  • Tim 1481 Points
    Here's what happened with the Nuvi. On our first destination, it would not let us enter the street address for a Marina we were trying to find in Baltimore. We eventually found our way there. Next we entered the street address for a skateboard park in Baltimore and the Nuvi wanted us to make a turn in the middle of a bridge. After a few passes, my son spotted the sign on top of a building and we found our way there. The Nuvi also wanted us to turn the wrong way to get on I-95. We knew which way to go, so we ignored its instructions. It didn't seem like the roads were new and both destinations had been there for a long time. The Nuvi got us to within 1/4 mile of where we wanted to be, but for $450, I expected it to do a better job.

    Last year I had a Magellan in a rental car and drove all over LA and San Diego without any problems. It was not nearly as user friendly as the Nuvi, but it got us where we wanted to go.
    There is an easy and unfortunate answer. A little background first. The GPS companies do not compile the road information themselves. They all (or 95% of them) get their data from one of two companies, Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ.

    Those two mapping companies compile the data changes, etc for thousands of customers including GPS companies. They typically send out new data to their customers a few times per year. The GPS companies then package the new data and distribute them to customers in the form of map updates.

    The GPS companies do not release a map update every time they get new data from their provider, however. They typically offer a map update once per year, and those updates typically cost between $35 and $100 depending on the company.

    In the case of Garmin and Magellan, they both use the same source for maps, NAVTEQ. Therefore you won't likely see any difference between the Garmin and Magellan products since they both use the same map. The only remaining question would be how recent are the map updates that had been distributed.

    If you still have the Nuvi (I see now in your reply you don't), you should check to see what version of the maps you have on your device. From the Main menu select 'Settings' --> 'Map' --> 'Map Info' and look to see which version of maps you have. It should say "City Navigator North America" and then possibly a "NT" followed by the version number. If you have "v7" maps then you could get them updated to the newer maps which might correct several of the errors you saw in the NAVTEQ database. If you have "v8" maps then you have the most recent available via Garmin.

    If you have v8 maps then you won't likely see any improvement in the maps on a Magellan device. And when devices from both companies have the most recent maps you won't see any difference in the maps because in the case of Garmin and Magellan they come from the same source, NAVTEQ.
  • ymn 0 Points
    Thanks Tim. Do you know if the new Maestro units have the newer versions of the maps? I'll probably buy one today and try it out next week in Florida. Yvonne
  • Tim 1481 Points
    The Maestro won't have maps that are much more updated than the v8 maps on the Nuvi. They might perhaps be a couple months newer, but nothing significant. Also, some areas are mapped better than others, so how well it performs in Florida might not be indicative of how well it performs in DC.
  • ymn 0 Points
    I'll let you know how it does. Thanks for providing this service, it is really helpful to everyone.
  • Tim 1481 Points
    I'm glad to do it and enjoy it!
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