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TomTom One

youngsj 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum

I know the TomTom One is smaller than the TomTom Go 510, but I like the price of the TomTom One better, considering I am a first-time GPS user. Is the size of the One too small, especially when it comes to the keyboard and entering text, as many reviews mention? Also, are there any other cons I should be aware of, or any reason to definitely get the Go 510 instead? Thanks.


  • Tim 1484 Points
    You can read our review of the TomTom ONE if you haven't already read it. GPS devices with a 3.5 inch display (which the ONE has) have been the standard in GPS devices. Widescreen models are becoming more popular as vendors push them, however in many cases they might not be necessary. Part of it depends on where you end up mounting the device. If you try to operate the ONE while driving (which you shouldn't do regardless of which GPS you get) then the keys might be a little small. But overall I have not found that to be a major issue with the ONE.

    The 510 also has hands free Bluetooth calling and an iPod connector which may or may not be features that interest you.
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