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Lowrance XOG ?? [Lowrance]

tony 0 Points
I've read a little about the XOG that was released in the last month or so. Has anyone had the chance to play with one? It seems like it might be a decent fit for a dual-purpose GPS & it's not real expensive. What are your thoughts on it? I know that Tim has stated numerous times that you really need two different GPS's if you want to use one for hiking/geocaching & auto. It seems that the XOG might actually do a decent job of combining the two. I've looked at the Magellan Crossover but I have some concerns about their support. I know the Lowrance name mainly from marine products. I'm not sure how well they support/design/manufacture their GPS products.




  • Tim 1502 Points
    I've played with it a bit. One of the big issues with it as a "true" dual purpose GPS is that it isn't water-proof. I found the topo maps to be not very detailed and the screen was a little difficult to read... just seemed a bit fuzzy. But I've only spent about 30 minutes or so with it.
  • tony 0 Points
    I understand that it's "splash-proof". I think IPX-4 rating if I remember correctly. The lack of detail on the topo maps is definitely a concern as is the fuzzy display. If you get a chance to play with one some more, would you provide any additional comments that you have on it?

  • Tim 1502 Points
    Correct, it is IPX-4. I do have it on a hit list for review, but I'm not sure how fast I'll get to it, there hasn't been a ton of interest for it so far.
  • I checked out the XOG yesterday at the Eastern Sportsman Show in Harrisburg, PA and although I have nothing to compare it to, it looked pretty cool to me. I am new to GPS as I'm shopping for my first one right now and I like the idea of a 'crossover' type. Although I would like it for some light hiking, I mainly want one for use on a boat with marine charts and in my car for driving. I didn't ask them yesterday whether it supported Lowrance's marine charts and when I looked at their website, it doesn't indicate that they are compatible but I'm not sure if it's just their site isn't up to date because it's a relatively new product. Do you happen to know? As far as the waterproofing, unless my boat sinks, I don't see it getting any wetter than moderate splashing or a light rain shower. Will it take that? Glad I found this website, seems like the place for this type of information. Thanks.
  • Tim 1502 Points
    It might be an okay device for you. I'd focus on the part you will be using it most for (marine in your case) and make sure it fits the bill well for that purpose. I don't know if it supports the marine charts or not. There could be a memory issue getting those plus auto maps loaded.
  • Thank you. I think I will call their support line for questions. For that price, it's almost worth me taking a flyer on it anyway. I'll throw up a post if I get it.
  • Spidey 0 Points
    Just returned the XOG after being on the phone for over 2 hours on hold for five minutes of "no we can't say we are going to be updating the maps from 2007 anytime soon."

    The maps are no good here in the Coachella Valley - too much new construction since 2006 and it takes you in circles.

    The Nuvi 500 is also a choice but do not update it from garmin until they figure out how to now wipe out the topo maps...
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