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Bought a new LG LN730

execk2 0 Points
Was on sale at Sears here in Quebec City for $199.00.

Plugged it in the lighter outside the store and went home no problem. Now obviously I cannot use the software since it is all Windows, and I am Mac.

Question, what can a Mac person use for this GPS unit. (I will not go to windows :lol: )

Any ideas?



  • patruns 10 Points
    You can rule out Magellan. They do not support Mac either.
  • Tim 1472 Points
    Garmin and TomTom have the best Mac support at this time, but it isn't perfect.
  • execk2 0 Points
    Thanks, I am using the LG unit, it is great. I don't think I will need th look at the software anyway since it is backups of the maps that are loaded. I guess if I need to I could always go to a friends house that has a PC.

    I'll also drop a note to LG and see what they say.

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