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TomTom Navigator - Garmin iQue M4

dixie626 0 Points
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That is definitely a lot to consider... thanks for all the info!

Here's another question you may or may not know the answer to. Probably sort of off-topic here, sorry. A friend of mine has a Palm Tungsten T5 he doesn't really use and might give me. I heard you can buy Tom Tom GPS software for the Palm. Do you have any idea if the Tom Tom software is good? Would a Palm with Tom Tom software basically be like having the iQue M4?


  • Tim 1480 Points
    Yes, the TomTom software for Palm is called TomTom Navigator. They just announced version 6. I actually have extensive experience with TomTom Navigator 5. I've used it on two 1,600 mile trips.

    Their software comes in a couple of different packages. Some have the Bluetooth GPS included while others allow you to buy the software only and buy the Bluetooth GPS separately.

    The Navigator software is pretty much identical to their other PND devices. It doesn't have text-to-speech, but the other major features are all in there. Yes, it would function very similar to how the iQue M4 would operate.

    I find TT Navigator to be really convenient as I have a PDA/smartphone that runs the software. Therefore I have one device as my PDA, mobile phone, and GPS software. I keep a Bluetooth GPS hard wired into my car so that I don't have to remember to keep bringing it with me. (I always have my mobile phone with me.)
  • Wow, you know just about everything I need to know!

    Okay, so the Palm Tungsten T5 already has Bluetooth included - would I need to buy software with Bluetooth anyway? Or would it not matter since the Palm already has the Bluetooth?

    And is there anything else I'd need to buy, like some kind of GPS receiver or something? I guess I just don't understand how buying software for the Palm would make it hook up to satellites. It seems there needs to be some kind of receiver to connect to satellites?
  • Tim 1480 Points
    That's what I was trying to describe in the second paragraph of my response but I wasn't very clear. There are two packages you can typically buy with TomTom Navigator.

    One version includes the Bluetooth GPS; an extra small piece of hardware that connects to the satellite and tells your PDA via wireless bluetooth connection where you are. The second version is if you already have a Bluetooth GPS or for some reason want to buy a different one than what they package it with.

    The TomTom Navigator software itself (without the GPS receiver) retails for $150 and the package with the Bluetooth GPS retails for $300. So you essentially pay about $150 for the Bluetooth GPS. (which isn't a horrible price.)
  • Okay, that makes sense, thanks. That would be much cheaper than a Nuvi, but for some reason I'm still leaning towards a Nuvi... I don't know why. Maybe all the good reviews I've read, or the fact that it's a Garmin, which I trust. I'll have to think about it. By the way, where did you find the Nuvi 360 for $570?
  • Tim 1480 Points
    The prices seems to be fluctuating quite a bit every day, but here are the current Garmin Nuvi 360 prices. I see $580 today.

    Something else to possibly consider is that Garmin is supposed to be releasing their new handheld/PDA software soon. It is called Garmin Mobile 20 and should be available before December.
  • Does that Garmin Mobile 20 software work on PDA's? It says it works on Mobile Windows, so I'm not sure if it's just for phones or PDA's too. Thanks.
  • Tim 1480 Points
    The docs I've received from Garmin so far say that it "connects to Nokia Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm OS Treo smartphones with Bluetooth wireless technology."
  • Any idea if the software has text-to-speech capabilities?
  • Tim 1480 Points
    I don't know for sure that it won't, but I haven't seen anything that indicates it does have text-to-speech.
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