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Magellan Maestro 3250

zachsdad 0 Points
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I played with this unit at Circuit City today, it seems loaded with features for such a tiny GPS!
I was wondering if anyone has it and what you think of it.


  • patruns 10 Points
    I have a 3100 which is pretty much the base model of the Maestro series and the unit works fine for my current needs. It always gets me to my destination (though not always the way I would necessarily go), gives me adequate warning of turns ahead and is very simply to use. Customer service/support............ not so much.

    You really have to define your needs to determine what would be best for you. I really think it is an individual decision. Would I buy the 3100 again? Maybe not, but that is not because it is a bad unit. It's just that as I grow more experienced, I start thinking of more features that I might want (but don't necessarily need). For now, the 3100 serves me just fine.
  • jhouck 0 Points
    My wife has a 3225 bought from Costco.

    It's a great little unit, no Voice Command, Bluetooth, AAA database, or traffic warning junk. It locks to satellites fast, announces turns very well, routes quickly, is very configurable and has a very good 3.5" display.

    For someone who wants a solid, no-frills (Bluetooth, etc) GPS at a nice price, I'd recommend it.

    Frankly, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm somewhat sight-impaired and need the larger 4.3" display, I'd buy one for my semi...
  • Arcee 0 Points
    I was given the 3250 for Christmas. Have used it quite a bit since then. Since I drive part time for a local transportation company I've had the opportunity to check out it's routing capabilities versus known routes and with some new ones. It's been dead on when checking it against routes I've traveled before. Only one minor problem on a new route but that entailed going to a recently closed roadway so can't blame it on the GPS.

    I like this unit a lot. Here's why.... 1.) It pairs with my cell phone although it was not listed as "compatible" - an LG VX8300. The downside is, it requires re-pairing with each use rather than it automatically finding the phone. 2.) It's routing is great. 3.) I don't find the text to speech voice to be irritating although some reviewers don't like it. Obviously a personal preference. 4.) It gives more than adequate advance turn info. Some reviewers have indicated the turn info is too detailed but I approached this as if I was in an unfamiliar location - more info is better than less when on an unknown road system. 5.) It advises on which side of the road the destination is located. 6.) Although the voice command feature is less than perfect, it's usable. 7.) The 3 free months of traffic alert is a good deal although I've found it to be less than reliable - not a fault of the GPS. 8.) Although there is an occasional problem with startup in that it will sometimes require a longer than usual holding of the start button, if it's left plugged into the car socket, it will start up immediately as the car is started. 9.) If you're a AAA member you will get an extra year of warranty, totaling two years. It also allow you to access AAA info on restaurants, lodging, etc. 10.) The trip planning feature is great. It allows you to put together a multi-stop trip and will even optimize the stops if needed. When I'm driving in my work, I can enter all my stops, in the order I want them and bring them up when I need them. This allows me to put my entire day together in advance and get the help I need finding each location. Another example - for an upcoming vacation I've already entered the list of hotels where we'll be staying in another state. Once there, I can go to that trip heading, open it, and be directed from hotel to hotel, each in a different city.

    For the money (mine was under $300.00), this is a very good GPS. Not perfect but I did a lot of research before I ended up with this unit and found there really is no perfect system, yet. Until that one comes along this one, with all of it's features, will do nicely.
  • Arcee 0 Points
    See my recent post in "Dealing with Magellan" posting.
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