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Units Discontinued

bchirgwin 0 Points
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I'll try keep this sort.

I decided to upgrade my 6000T to Version 2. Ordered it. Failed upgrade 3 times. Dealt with India tech support on 3 separate calls. I am still waiting for a UPS shipping label. I'll be calling today as I think they could not get my email correct. (My email ends in .NET and the 6 support people always ending the email in .COM).

I checked last night and all Roadmate units but the 1200 have been discontinued.

Umm. An upgrade comes out in Dec/Jan for these units and then they are discontinued.

Major problems... Easier to discontinue the unit than higher people that can support it properly.

So Version 2 corrupted my 6000T and I don't know if I will ever get it fixed.

Anyone interested in a broken 6000T?

In the mean time my girlfriend wanted a unit for her car. We bought a Garmin Nuvi 200. Highly recommended. Very easy to use. Upgraded it and upgrades easily. Haven't dealt with tech support, but seems Garmin has there act together.

I may take up the cost of the upgrade with my Credit Card company. It didn't work as expected. Why should I pay for it.

OK I feel a slightly better now.
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