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Maestro 3100 upgrade

patruns 10 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Is anyone still seeing the update on the Magellan website? I just logged into my account there and it says there is an update available (which I had already installed) but when I click on the link I am brought to the FAQs page and it says there are no updates. Clicking on the "How current is the map" link tells me the last update was 4th quarter 2006. I know the update I installed included Hawaii and Puerto Rico so I am guessing they removed the update due to problems and a crush on support.

Anyone else seeing the same thing?


  • Yep same thing here, but for the 3140. It was there a couple days ago firmware update 2.16 for the 3140, but now it states no updates available. Odd.
  • Went to this page and it showed the 3100 update as being available. The 3140 update is also shown.
  • I checked it out Bill, and I see that the update now shows again. Maybe doing some maintinence on the server.
  • patruns 10 Points
    Hmmmmm ..... a lot of people had problems with the update. I wonder if they changed the file. I didn't save the original .zip file as it was causing my anti virus scanns to stall on it.
  • speaking of the update...
    did any of you notice that the 3100 seems to be a little off? when I pull up to the intersection the arrow is about quarter of an inch behind on the map. I only noticed that after the update was installed on my unit.
  • patruns 10 Points
    I noticed that too. I thought maybe I was imagining it.
  • thanks pat, it sort of makes me feel better that my unit is not busted but I hope they can figure it out and fix it.
    do you think that setting the GPS position manually will help?
  • patruns 10 Points
    When you say setting it manually, I believe what you mean isf manually forcing it to reset. I do not think that will help. That is just when you turn it on in a new location and want to speed up the process. It is constantly adjusted automatically thereafter.

    I'm just going to use it for a while and observe and see really how far it is off and how often. I suspect it is a screen error as they did update that as well. If so, we all need to confirm that and then write Magellan to fix that file.
  • sounds like a plan.
    its pretty bad in my case though.
    I noticed that as I drive by any given street, on the screen I am about .25 of an inch behind.
    and when the screen actually catches up and shows the arrow leveled with the street I had passed, I am already 10 yards past it. thats a lot more than their posted accuracy of under 15 feet.
  • patruns 10 Points
    Well, I have found that the accuracy is still fine. When a turn comes up I am right there. It's just the screen that seems off.
  • yes, the voice prompts are right on. the screen is off though.
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