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Maestro 3225 - Adding POI's

Jetster 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
I just got a 3225 from Costco to give it a try. Anyway I thought I saw somewhere that there was a way to up date the 3225 with 6 million POI's, it come with 1.6 million. Now I can't find it, am I dreaming that I saw tis some where?


  • patruns 10 Points
    There is a hack that you can perform that will allow you to use a larger POI file on a SD card. You need a card and some tech knowledge. If you do not have the tech knowledge, I do not recommend it as you have to modify a key file on the unit itself. Plus, you have to modify that file again each time you perform an update from Magellan.
  • I found a site with detailed instructions to increase the POI's to 6 million vs. the 1.3 million in the 3225. It works only for the 3225 and doesn't require a SD card. The updated was a piece of cake. Since I'm new here not sure if posting the link is is ok, if so will be happy to post.
  • Jester
    I had done this hack successfully and its good to have 6 Millions POI but I am still unable to do custom POI. I haave downloaded some POIs from one of the website but unable to get them read by the device. I have spent hours and hours and nights but could not figure it out even though there are tons of helpfiles there but with no luck. For some reason my 3225 doest not read the SD card. When I make a backup its there on the card but when I hook 3225 up with my computer it does see my 3225 but not the SD card in it. Any suggestions. Other than custon POI and support, I tell you Magellan is better than Garmin. Better Display, better compass on the screen, realist sound (not computer sound) and it shows POI on the map while traveling (gas stations malls etc) which Garmin does not show as I am using 350 but I miss Malleggan. Please advice.
  • First, you don't need an SD Card. The 3225's hard drive is more than large enough.

    Turn on the 3225 and connect it to the computer using the USB cable
    Go to My Compute. You'll see TAFT next to whatever drive (mine is F), that is the GPS

    Copy all files on TAFT and save it somewhere safe on your hard drive, these are your original files being backup.
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