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Routing Software for 6000?????

merc669 0 Points
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I just got the 6000T and I was looking at the Magellan Tools. They are pretty limited. Is there software that will work with the 6000 that allows for custom routing (like taking a certain road to a certain point) vice having it compute and then recompute when I make a mod on my own? I know you can do it pretty much the hard way using the 6000 itself if you know a certain POI. But I know the route numbers? Anybody help? Thanks!!



  • Tim 1480 Points
    Hi Bill, I think I understand what you are trying to do. I'm not sure of any programs which do that.
  • I thought at one time MS Streets and Maps or the Delormie software interfaced with GPS Units. But cannot see anything about it. I also saw Google Earth (Pro) version will also allow uploads from Garmin and Magellan GPS but no downloads. So nothing there anyways. I would just like to plan a trip on the computer with possible stops and routes I would like to go but it appears that the best I can do is use Google earth and find the closest point on a map that I am looking for and create my route that way. Thanks!!

  • Tim 1480 Points
    Okay, maybe I did misunderstand what you were intending to do. Yes, both MS Streets & Trips as well as DeLorme software will interface with some GPS devices, however they might not interface with your Magellan. DeLorme's products will interface with a Bluetooth GPS or a GPS which will output over a serial port in a standard (NEMA) interface.

    If the Magellan could interface with the DeLorme Street Atlas product (I don't know if it will) then you could plan a trip over the computer.... But then you would also use the computer screen for navigation, not the screen on the GPS.
  • I did not know that about Delorme. I wonder though that if it is possible to use the Bluetooth function to work then I wonder if it can create the Via Points I want to do and upload them to the GPS. This way I can pre-program the trip on the computer using a larger screen and mouse and just feed the data to the GPS. Will need to research Delorme a littel better.

    This is from the Delorme Page;
    Q: Will my GPS receiver work with Street Atlas USA 2006?
    A: Street Atlas USA 2006 can track any NMEA 0183 v 2.0 compatible GPS receiver. Street Atlas USA 2006 also allows you to transfer tracks, waypoints, and routes to and from most Garmin and Magellan GPS models.

    Now all I ned to find out is doing more research to see if the 6000T is compatable.

  • Tim 1480 Points
    The way Bluetooth typically works is that you need a Bluetooth "profile" for each type of Bluetooth activity you want your device to be able to do. For example Bluetooth on the 6000T is used for routing calls to a Bluetooth phone, therefore the Bluetooth profile used is "hands free". (Though that isn't the technical name.)

    Bluetooth devices can have multiple profiles. For example most smartphones have a profile for hands free as well as a serial profile for data transfer. I doubt that your 6000T has the Bluetooth profile for serial communications and thus you would not be able to use it as a Bluetooth GPS.

    It might be possible to connect it to computer to transfer waypoints by USB, however if all you are looking to do is to transfer waypoints to your 6000T then I think your only option is likely to be the Magellan POI Manager application.
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