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European Mio c230 has no text to speech? [Mio]

At least this review says that it does not. Any one here who has the European version to confirm this?


  • Go to the Mio Europe web site and check the c230 product specs: There's no mention of TTS.

    Now compare this to the U.S. site at In both the product description at the top and the three feature icons below (the middle icon), it specifically mentions text-to-speech.

    Also, the U.S. c230 and Canadian c230s have "Portable GPS Navigation with Text-to-Speech" on the box. Those sold in Europe and other countries other than U.S. and Canada do not mention TTS on the packaging...because TTS is not included. As stated in the review you read, the only TTS voice is the American Samantha voice.

    However, it'd be interesting to see if anyone outside the U.S. or Canada have a stock, unhacked c230 with TTS that works with their specific mapping. But I seriously doubt it.
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