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Doubts about maggelan maestros

SergioRoadster 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Hi, I don't see much information about the Maestro, even in Magellan site.
So if anyone with a maestro series could clear some things out.

1) Can someone add those tomtom voices available for download in the net to a maestro? Or each brand as it's own type of voices files?

2) About map updates, is it the same thing with tomtom? You buy a unit with a map, you can update it for some time but then you have to pay for new updates? And it's expensive like the tomtom maps?

3) Magellan speedcameras it's a pay service also?

4)Can we add personal speedcameras POIs and other POIs like the ones people put online for use in their countries?
Route66's new models don't allow the addiction of POIs and I'm not shure if more gps brands are doing that.


  • Tim 1481 Points
    1) No, they are a different format.

    2) Magellan hasn't been as good with regular map updates as TomTom and Garmin. They cost about the same, they are not updated quite as often, although the new models tend to come with a slightly newer map to begin with.

    3) I haven't seen that offered.

    4) Depends on which Maestro. Some allow custom POI databases and some don't.
  • HI again Tim. Youre a big help!

    About point 4, the Maestro I'm thiking of is the 4010. For what I read in it's digital manual online(it also is the manual for the 4040 and 4050) it as a program to load the POIs, but it doesn't say if it's only capable of loading oficial POIs from MAgellan or custom POIs like regional speedtraps I see available for free in the net.

    ABout 3, the manual says it comes pre-loaded with speedtraps and unfortunatly for what I've discovered from tom tom and ruote66 if someone wants a update will have to pay.

    Thanks again for all your help Tim.
  • Tim 1481 Points
    The POI program can load custom files.
  • Thanks Tim, you're the gps master.
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