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4050 Concerns

daniel8802 0 Points
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Hey Everyone ... I'm new to the whole GPS world, but after searching around, I found what should and should not be in a GPS unit.

I found that the 4050 had almost everything that should be in the unit and found a really amazing price for it $288 US.

My only concern is that I've read mixed reviews about it. It hasn't come yet, just ordered it last night.

Can anyone shed any light on this unit? I plan on using it traveling to dark spots on far away routes in my state for astronomy observing.

If you have any thoughts, that would be great. Thanks!


  • If it has all of the features that you want and at a price that you like, there's nothing to be said. I have a 3100 and it works fine. Magellan support is probably the worst of the major players but as long as the unit functions properly I think that you will be quite happy. If it does not, return it immediately for a replacement, before you have to deal with support. Good luck and let us know how you like it.
  • Thanks for the response. I live in New Jersey too. The first place I will be trying it on is back roads on Route 72 trying to head out to Coyle Field. Do you think there will be lost connections?
  • You should be able to pick up 7 or more satellites every where except in urban canyons and tunnels. Signal should be no problem in normal residential or suburban areas.
  • Sounds good. I'm really anxious to get my unit. First thing I am going to do is update my firmware. This would be my first GPS so it's a new gadget for me! haha. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out for me in the middle of the pine barrens! I should know this coming Friday when I go out and observe.
  • I would wait a few weeks before updating the firmware. Just to be sure everything is fine. When you do, back up the entire unit to your PC as a precaution first. Unless they changed how the update is done, the first thing it does is erase everything on the unit. If you experience a failure during the update you will be very happy that you made the backup.
  • Well, if all goes with UPS and the weather, tomorrow is judgement day!! I won't be able to play with my unit till around 9 tomorrow since I'm working late ( but I'll keep you posted!
  • Well it's here, and I like it!! D

    The screen is amazing, and the unit itself is a lot smaller than I thought i would be.

    Indoors, I'm able to pickup 10-13 fixed sats. with cloudy skies, wow!!

    Question 1 is, is there a way to actually enter your own coordinates into the unit?

    Question 2 is, for some reason my CD that came with it, isn't cut right? It doesn't fit in my drive and it spins out of control when I put the drawer in. Whats on the CD?

  • I'm not sure what you mean by entering your own coordinates. You just enter addresses. The GPS figures out the coordinates. As to the CD, I believe it containes a POI editor. If you want to create customs POIs, instead of manually adding 1 favorite at a time, you should ask for a replacement CD.
  • Well the place were we observe for astronomy doesn't really have an address due to the dark location. However, the people that go there regularly know the coordinates and I was curious if you can enter them in manually so you drop right down on the spot?
  • If you have the unit with you while there, you can set the location in your GPS.
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