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How to get Worldwide weather on an MSN Direct Garmin GPS

When using MSN Direct with a compatible Garmin GPS (I use a nuvi 680) one basic channel available is Weather. Normally you get your local weather conditions, 3-day forecast and Other Cities out to about 800 miles. If you are curious about basic weather conditions in Cairo or Melbourne or Paris (assuming you do not live within 800 miles of those places) you can view that as well. You just need to change your current location.

1. Hook up your GPS to the MSN receiver and allow it to establish a connection and download weather data for your location. With the nuvi 680 that will necessitate flipping up the antenna to plug in the power connector/MSN receiver. Once you have current data proceed to step #2.
2. Turn off the GPS signal by removing your power connector and flipping down the antenna or turn off the gps reception if there is another way on your gps model.
3. Go to the View Map page
4. Zoom out and tap and drag the map to some foreign country or continent.
5. Zoom back in, tap on a location or city, if you see one.
6. The middle button called “Set Loc.” should be available. Tap it.
7. Tap the Back button and go back to the Map page.
8. Tap the menu button to get back to the Main Menu page
9. Tap the MSN butterfly icon (lower right) to get to the MSN channel selector menu page. (Traffic-Weather-Gas-Movies-Etc.-)
10. Select Weather. If a warning screen pops up indicating “No weather information near here”…..etc. Tap the OK button to dismiss it.
11. You should now see a current weather indication for the nearest weather reporting city to your set location. You will also have access to the Other Cities button – which will contain a long list of other cities out to about 3500-4000 miles or more.


  • gatorguy 326 Points
    Appreciate the tip. My cable will be here tomorrow and I'm kinda looking forward to it.
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