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Crossover Topo Maps

dijonno 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
If the topo maps are purchased from Magellan, can they be used on a second Crossover unit or are they somehow locked for use on only the unit it was purchsed for? Would BlueNav Maps from Magellan be functionaly identical?


  • Are you wondering about the downloaded topo maps or the topo maps off a cd? I know for a fact that topo canada maps from the cd can be used on at least two crossovers, create the map section you want and put it on an sd card, insert sd card into the crossover, go to outdoor and it asks if you want to use that map, say yes and, done deal, just did 2 of them, and am impressed, also used it for my magellan 500le as well a few weeks back, no unlock codes needed. As far as downloaded maps, well unfortunatley I cannot give you an answer on that.
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