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4040 and Blackberry 8700g address book transfer

fulnix 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Has anyone had luck transfering their addresses from their Blackberry to the Maestro 4040? I can get it to make calls but would like my customers addresses in the 4040. Is it a possibility to transfer them from my outlook?
Thanks for the Help.


  • If you are referring to the Bluetooth function that is for hands free calling, not data transfer. As for the transfer from Outlook, sorry. You will have to manually add the addresses.
  • If I had the data in an excel spread sheet would it be possible to upload it to the Maestro?
  • Tim 1481 Points
    Not unless you geocoded the addresses (assigned them a lat/long).
  • Tim,
    I'm a bit confused. I thought the Maestro's couldn't take Lat/Lon cordinates to input way points? I know we are talking about importing data to the device, so I'm assuming I just need to associate a colum with the coresponding data to the customer? Is this correct?
    Thank you,
  • Tim 1481 Points
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