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indiana 0 Points
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Hi All,

Woo! This unit is perfect for me. I'm a regular rider and driver and require a unit that does both. It's not easy to sit a street directorty on your lap when you're riding along. I'm also planning on doing some touring in a couple of years and will need to know where i'm going.

One thing that did bother me was that the RIDER does not have a speaker to use when in your car. Your only option is to use the same bluetooth earpiece device that you would use when on your bike. Does anyone know if there is a way around this? I.e. using one of those blueant devices that can be used with your phone? Or is an upcoming model going to include a jack to an external speaker in your car? Do i buy or is it worth holding out cos there's 2 nerw models coming out in May 07 according to the website...

Do any other makes produce a biker GPS?

Apart from that...a sensational nice of Tomtom tyo keep us bikers in mind.

As this forum is empty..i'll describe some of the features i like:

- Waterproof
- Big glove friendly touchscreen buttons
- Antiglare screen with sun visor
- Take handsfree calls direct to your lid via bluetooth
- Weather updates
- Buddie system so you can locate all your riding mates



  • Tim 1482 Points
    I haven't heard of any ways around it with the original TomTom RIDER. There might be away around it by connecting to a Bluetooth headset device that could in turn perhaps be connected to an FM transmitter.... but that would be an ugly solution.

    The new TomTom RIDER 2 has an optional accessory car mount which includes a speaker. That would be a good option.

    Garmin makes the Zumo 450 and the Zumo 550 which are also designed for motorcycle use.
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