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iway 250c for trucks? [Lowrance]

I would like to use my iway 250c in my truck. Is there some kind of map for trucks that I can download? Truck maps and auto maps are different for many reasons. Trucks are high and very long vehicles also they weight much more than autos and I can not go on specific routes because of that restrictions. Anybody knows where to get different maps for iway 250c?


  • Tim 1474 Points
    They are not available for the iWay as far as I know. (Or most other GPS devices for that matter.)
  • I found one. It's CoPilot Pocket PC it's on SD card but requires gps to work on mobile windows system. I don't know much about it. On what system iway 250c work??
  • Tim 1474 Points
    It won't work on the iWay.
  • Thanks.
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