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How to get map update [Lowrance]

I don't know much about it and I can't find out how to update maps on my iway 250c. Do I need a new SD card with preloaded maps? If yes, where to get them? Can I download maps from the internet? What maps will work with iway 250c?


  • Tim 1474 Points
    Lowrance (the only source of maps for that device) has not offered a map update for it. You can read from others asking the same question in the comments on our iWay 250c page.
  • Low bad 0 Points
    Lowrance wants $80 for a new map for iway250 GPS that only went for $199. I spoke to Lowrance customer service and they thought is was funny that I ask about downloading the new map. They tried to tell me that there was no way I could download a 2G file.I also have an Iway500 and since the maps are not compatible they also want $80 for that map.
  • Tim 1474 Points
    $80 is pretty much industry standard price for a map update... although that "standard" could be changing in the next couple of days.... ;) Probably not from Lowrance though.
  • Low bad 0 Points
    My iway250 is not even a year old. You would think that Lowrance would take care of the unit for the first year.

    Lowrance's fix for all the iway problems is to delete all the trails.

    Unit is slow-delete all the trails

    I picked my boss up at the KC Airport. My iway250 told me to exit on every exit between the Airport and the hotel. Once I would exit, it would tell mt to get back on the interstate. My boss made me pull over so he could get his garmin out of his bag. Lowrance's fix, delete all the trails.
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